Business marketing is evolving, and everyday marketers are challenged to explore new technology to promote their products. However, the end goal for any business is to keep their customers happy. Therefore, guaranteeing a positive customer experience is a determining aspect of differentiation from other competitors. 

39% of companies’ CEOs feel that a good customer experience is the most effective way of establishing an edge over competitors. Furthermore, 86% of clients think twice before coming back because customer service is as crucial as the quality of products. Hence, every business needs to maintain excellent relationships with their clients to gain higher sales. 

Why SMS CRM Integration is Important?

With an SMS CRM integration, your CRM system will no longer have to work in a silo. Now you can include text messaging as a trigger or call to action in your workflows. These SMS automations are possible via custom integrations with native REST-based APIs offered by leading CPaaS service providers. Furthermore, with the additional personalization that a CRM SMS integration provides, businesses can expect to see even more texts opened and responded to by customers. On the other hand, customers will experience higher levels of gratification, as they will be using the most preferred channel with a personal touch. 

What can SMS CRM Integration do for your business? 

The primary focus of every customer-centric business is to emphasise on returning customers. For that, they use SMS as a powerful marketing tool. If you are extremely dedicated to the success of your business and keep placing your customers in the centre of everything you do, then SMS will help you in the best possible way. The introduction of SMS into a top-notch CRM system always opens up new business opportunities. It allows you to apply your knowledge about your customers and strategize on how to increase repeat sales and loyalty by providing seamless customer experiences.

  • With the help of CRM with SMS integration and add-ons, you can conveniently send appointment, meeting and deadline reminders to staff members and customers, thereby saving time and money. This can also immensely improve the efficiency of your organisation.
  • Integrating your SMS into CRM will make it easier to send fulfilment or transaction messages to your customers automatically. As a result, the satisfaction rate will grow as customers notice you are on top of your services and their primary interests.
  • The workflow is completely automated when you have an SMS CRM integration system, reducing the number of prospect inbound calls, numerous administrative and accounting costs, etc. You can then focus on the qualified leads only and free staff personnel.
  • By tracking the user’s activity, its dynamics and leading the score through CRM, it will be easier to set up effective SMS messaging campaigns and trigger a variety of texting events depending on users’ behaviour.

The Verdict

SMS integrated into your CRM is the ultimate success mantra for optimum performance and user experience breakthrough. SMS CRM integration from Mtalkz comprises comprehensive features that help you achieve all your goals, resulting in faster and hassle-free commercial transactions. With Mtalkz, you get a complete CRM for your business, managing everything from generating leads to converting them into returning customers to post-sales support. Witness your business’ marketing efforts take off with SMS integration for your suite CRM.