A key aspect of any business is marketing the product to a large audience. It is easier and faster for businesses to communicate with their customers using WhatsApp. And If you’re looking for a way to improve customer experience, WhatsApp Business is a great choice!

Due to its widespread use by more people, no matter which business you run, WhatsApp is the perfect platform for you. WhatsApp gives 3x ROI in marketing results and sales more than any other social media platform.

Through WhatsApp communication, many businesses have substantially improved consumer experience. 

Read this article to the end to understand how you can use the features of WhatsApp Business to Improve Customer experience to its fullest.

What is WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is designed to simplify customer conversations for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can easily send and receive an unlimited number of messages using WhatsApp business. Since it is automated with most software, the workflow can be streamlined easily.

There are many advantages associated with WhatsApp Business API, which we will discuss in the following section.

7 Features of WhatsApp Business that will take your CX to the Next level!

  • Verified business account

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A verified business account can increase client trust and encourage them to make transactions. Customers are more likely to trust WhatsApp Business accounts that have a green checkmark next to the company name, allowing them to avoid making fraudulent purchases. This gives consumers the formal impression that they are speaking to a legitimate company, which makes them feel secure. An official green tick reduces blocking and unsubscription risks, resulting in healthy consumer interaction with quality engagement.

  • Personalizing the conversations

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Every customer will have different requirements and demands. To make the conversations more interactive and interesting, customization is necessary. It will increase the attention span of the customers. Businesses can offer direct solutions to customers’ queries by offering tailor-made conversations. Some of the best customization ideas while interacting with customers on WhatsApp are:

  • Initiating conversation in a friendly manner encourages the customer to engage in conversations more effectively rather than formally.
  • Since WhatsApp is the most used app, it is the best solution for maintaining long-term relationships with random chats. To name a few, you can ask for feedback, intimate about offers, discounts, fast-selling product alerts, etc.
  • Introduce New Launches

WhatsApp Business is the best way to introduce new products and services to the customers. Since most customers are day to day users, the messages go straight into their inboxes. In emails, you might find issues like spamming, promotion folders, less open rates, etc. The best way to launch new products through WhatsApp is through personalized outreach to existing customers. Putting it out informs them about your products, So if they want to buy the same product, they remember to reach out straight to your business account. 

  • Upselling and Cross-selling 

Upselling and cross-selling lead to great results by using the WhatsApp Business API. It is one of the best strategies to increase sales compared to efforts to attract new customers. There are various methods you can use:

    • When the customer is interested in a particular product and adds it to the cart after making a purchase, you can follow up with them to remind them about the stock left. Cart recovery follow-ups can be an effective method in the WhatsApp business. 
    • You may guide your customers’ shopping by understanding more about their interests. You can suggest product variations and related collections depending on the customer’s preferences. 
    • Upselling and cross-selling chances can increase with the use of loyalty programs that offer bonus points and perks for making more purchases. WhatsApp business has recently tweeted that loyalty programs help businesses to have long-lasting relationships with their customers. Utilizing this feature will enable you to maintain a healthy relationship resulting in more upsells.

  • Maintain Quality Ratings with Quick Reply Buttons

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Quick reply buttons are one of the fastest ways to get a reply from customers. There are various methods to add quick reply buttons in messages. Some popular ones are CTAs like call now, quick reply option buttons for feedback, requirements, customer experience, etc., as shown in the above image. If the customers are unsatisfied with the service, the agents can address the problem further. 

You can maintain positive interactions and enhance people’s perceptions of your brand by responding to all inquiries promptly. If there are minor issues with the product or service, you can address them immediately and resolve them without spending a long time. This can prevent a lot of damaging impacts on the brand. Customer feedback is a simple way to identify areas where the brand needs to improve. You can utilize this and maintain high-quality feedback by requesting the feedback at the right time.

  • Integration with Different Platforms 

WhatsApp Business  can be integrated with CRM, AI chatbots, and other platforms. The conversations can become more tailored by integrating the chatbot with other platforms. Product suggestions and other conversations can be customized based on previous purchases. By integrating the chatbot, you can make your business just one click away from your customers and easy to contact.

From product recommendations to sale completion, WhatsApp can handle your queries and complete your sales 24/7. Being available on a platform where customers are comfortable communicating can increase the chances of sales. WhatsApp business gathers all the information required to onboard a new customer, from initiating chat to the payment option. This is the best automation you can implement to increase your business’s sales. When it comes to payment gateways, you can use either WhatsApp payment system or a third-party payment gateway.

  • Security 

WhatsApp business has an end-to-end encryption policy that keeps all the chats, photos, and media safe from hackers. By this, customers get privacy in their chats and activities. Unlike other apps, WhatsApp business does not collect users’ personal information. WhatsApp business provides excellent security against the dangers of data leaks, security attacks, and breaches. This is a crucial feature to have the highest level of client happiness. You can find it in one of the tweets from WABetaInfo mentioned below.

Final takeaway

We hope you have understood all of these features on how to raise client satisfaction levels for your company. Using WhatsApp for business, you may develop a strong clientele through prompt conversations, feedback, alerts, and other features. These features and techniques are tried-and-approved ways to build strong client relationships. Additionally, you can explore other approaches utilizing the features of WhatsApp business. You can consider taking client feedback and other problem issues to enhance customer experiences.

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