During the pandemic and after the post-pandemic period, the education sector underwent significant changes. Today, it extends beyond the confines of conventional classrooms. Students use a variety of communication channels, so an education provider must be able to communicate with them and instruct them via those channels. Across all industries, technology is revolutionising business. This impact has been most prominent in the education sector. The COVID-19 pandemic’s emergence has turned out to be a turning moment for the edutech sector. 

A WhatsApp Chatbot is proving to be a useful tool for educational institutions, given that students open WhatsApp 23 times per day and use it for 28 minutes on average each day. Chatbots are undoubtedly one of the most exciting and interesting elements among the many breakthroughs in learning.

Chatbots add value to Edutech companies

This blog gives out detailed information of how, a chatbot for education sector can be vital tool in this growing age of digitalisation

Adoption of Chatbots in the Education Sector?

Chatbots are becoming popular in the education sector across a range of business applications, including online tutoring, student support, teacher’s assistance, assessing and providing results. Here are some reasons why a chatbot for education can be crucial.

  • Smoother Admission Process

All administrative processes in institutes require automation. It is  difficult for administrators to accept hundreds of applications with different course schedules, fee structures, timings, etc. There can be chances for human errors in the process because there are so many variants. The entire enrollment and admissions process might be streamlined and made more efficient with artificial intelligence. Other important, time-consuming jobs that require human attention can be handled by administrators.

  • Active Learning

Today’s students don’t want to wait for days, or even months, to hear back about how they performed and here the chatbot job comes as it provides them the quick & accurate result within hours or days without requesting them for the same. Students can learn by actively participating in daily quiz sessions organised by the Institute. With a chatbot for education purposes, students can have access to a 24×7 help desk which helps them in providing solutions instantly. And instead of memorising all the theoretical content, students who engage in active learning retain more and learn more. The school system all over the world may undergo a radical transformation as a result of this.

  • Student Performance Analysis

The automation of generating results and giving students honest feedback is one of the most significant advantages of employing a chatbot for education. Chatbots can readily use NLP to analyse the replies that students write because they have been trained on data. To assess progress and identify areas of weakness for pupils, teachers can use AI chatbots to build an overall student performance sheet based on all past examinations and assignments. A chatbot analyses and produces reports quickly, saving teachers a significant amount of time and bandwidth.

  • Active Participation 

Every student whether it’s online or offline wants regular updates related to any New Course introduced in the institute or information about any upcoming event or competition, basically everything should be notified to them to expect their active participation. Chatbots play a vital role here by providing them all the needed information on time without human involvement and errors.This automation makes the work easy for both teachers and the students.

Use Cases of WhatsApp as a Chatbot for Education

Chatbots can be used by institutes that require assistance and can anticipate excellent outcomes. Here are a few uses for educational chatbots from among the many use cases for chatbots. 

  • Student Support

By 2026, it is anticipated that the global e-learning market will develop at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1%. People are choosing corporate training and courses online, so they don’t have to take time away from their jobs and families to upgrade their skills. A robust student assistance strategy is required for educational institutions in light of this expansion. Prioritise and respond quickly to student inquiries before registration, during the course, and thereafter.

A chatbot for education can be a big help in offering top-notch student support and providing quick answers to students’ questions.

  • Virtual Personal Tutoring

An AI chatbot for education can pay close attention to students’ learning preferences. They can assist students to succeed in their fields by carefully observing the patterns of studying and information intake. Schools can provide individualised learning opportunities with the use of sophisticated tutoring technologies. Some kids even have difficulties, so not all of them understand and learn in the same way. Chatbots can tailor the learning plan to each student’s needs in terms of the difficult topics or subjects, ensuring that students learn as much as possible both inside and outside the classroom. When and where they are needed, they assist students with all study materials.

  • Student Engagement

Student engagement and interaction will get a boost. Chatbots provide comfortness to students by answering any type of query. 

To ensure that students do not compromise on learning through a virtual platform, students can seek their assistance both during and after class. Nowadays, students interact by occasionally sending messages on social media sites. Chatbots have the power to change the situation and permanently raise student involvement.

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