AarogyaSetu app is a fine example of a mobile application purposed towards health services for a nation. The Government of India has launched the AarogyaSetu app to connect essential health services with the people of India as the country fights against the corona-virus pandemic.

Such apps aim at enhancing the government initiatives towards proactively reaching out to the users and making them informed about risks, best practices, and advisories related to the containment or management of their health. The way the AarogyaSetu app has been deployed for managing the coronavirus situation is a fine example of that.

How Apps Like AarogyaSetu Use Bulk SMS API

Apps like AarogyaSetu or similar apps in healthcare and Fintech are also great examples of a fine implementation of Bulk SMS API. These applications have a very high user base and can present a very high load on the Bulk SMS API.

AarogyaSetu has become one of the most downloaded apps during the lockdown. The government has also been pushing people to download the app via public announcements and advertisements.

Normally any such public-oriented app is not likely to go beyond a few hundred TPS requirements when it comes to on-boarding of users. However, the on-boarding requirement can easily make demand of a few thousand OTPs per second when such implementations take place in times of distress. 

In such cases, it is the capability of the provider infrastructure that comes in to play and how strong is their connect with the telcos.

How To Select The Bulk SMS API Provider

Apps like AarogyaSetu rely on Bulk SMS API to not only deliver OTPs but also issue SMS updates and PSAs at regular intervals. If your business or app has similar requirements, you should choose the Bulk SMS API provider very carefully.

The organisations should select their Bulk SMS API based on their business needs and ensure that they share the expected surge in requirements in advance with the provider.

Bulk SMS API providers like Mtalkz are capable of providing high burst speed to ensure your OTPs are not only delivered in time but there is no delay in clearing the queues.

Mtalkz is also able to provide encrypted generation and storage of OTPs for the Fintech sector where the Banks may want to keep OTP generation and validation outside the banking system. In such cases, the AES256 algorithm for encryption is used end to end to end and coupled with HTTPS protocol with IP whitelisting to ensure that the traffic and completely secure.