In today’s technologically driven society, chatbot technology is making a strong foothold. In a world where everything is available at the touch of a screen, we, as members of contemporary society, are always on the lookout for quick and effective responses! 

Chatbots have permeated every business, from the ability to arrange appointments with doctors in clinics and hospitals, to customer support departments and even enquiring about educational courses. So, at a time when consumers are eagerly anticipating “revenge travel,” why should the tourism sector be any different in reaping the benefits of conversational AI chatbot?

If you’re still unsure what “chatbot technology” is all about, we’ve got the answer for you, as well as an explanation of four groundbreaking ways conversational AI chatbot are transforming the travel industry!

Understanding Chatbots

A chatbot is a sort of artificial intelligence software that may mimic a human language interaction with a person via messaging, websites, smartphone apps, or phone conversations, allowing users to talk with online systems as if they were communicating with a real person. Chatbots can range from simple one-line programmes that answer to a simple enquiry to advanced virtual assistants that respond and evolve as they gather and analyze data to deliver increasingly personalized responses.

4 Revolutionary Changes Brought To Travel Industry Via Conversational AI Chatbot

Time & Money Efficiency

The major portion of regular questions and FAQs are frequently sent to travel companies. It is tedious to have a human customer service agent answer the same questions over and again. These common concerns may now be readily answered by chatbots with no need for human intervention, allowing customer support workers to focus on more complicated operations and increasing the organization’s productivity, efficiency and saving on finances.

Data Collection & Customisation

The extensive data may be used by travel businesses to modify their business, such as promoting specials based on purchase history and making suggestions based on client taste. Based on constructive and negative comments, business may gain consumer insights. The bot will assist in giving local expertise, ensuring that the customer’s experience is meaningful. Furthermore, based on their prior preferences, propose a customized recommendation for local hotels, cafés, and pubs.

Scale Up Consumer Interaction

Chatbots for travel industry provide excellent tailored customer support and enhance traveller interactions at each and every phase, from pre-arrival to post-trip. Conversational AI chatbot helps in reducing the customer support wait time by 50% and aid prospective clients by providing them with a variety of holiday booking possibilities. When the booking is complete, it begins sending automatic reminders to passengers about the booking date, time, and bookings. It may even connect with the customer after the trip by asking for input on their entire experience. 

Customer support and Convenience

Conversational AI chatbot help in providing better customer support and experience by reducing the wait times and automating 70% of the query calls. Chatbots also support all major communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Website and App, simplifying the enquiry and booking process and attracting more potential customers.

It’s All In The Numbers

Conversational AI chatbots definitely are fantastic revenue maximisers for any organization, moving clients from brand recognition to purchase in a matter of minutes. 

Artificial intelligence is being used not just in the travel business, but also in the hotel industry. AI-powered chatbots, with their unique capacity to provide efficient customisation, solve problems, and gather feedback, contribute to a rich, long-lasting client experience. Chatbots have also statistically proven to accelerate sales and increase conversion rates by 60% making the initial investments completely worth the money.

To summarise, if investing in a conversational AI chatbot for your business growth is a wise decision! Chatbots can answer the same questions over and over again without having to think about it. Thus, it’s a digital technology that helps you increase your customer base, while reducing your time, efforts and costs.