WhatsApp Business API: The Ultimate Guide

WhatsApp Business API Guide

The advancement in technology made us realise how far we have come over the last 10 to 20 years. Remember when the 1st iPhone was introduced? Or when WhatsApp entered the digital world? And then Instagram, Snapchat, joined the space, thus enabling new ways for consumers to communicate with each other and the brands they […]

Whatsapp Plugin For WordPress | WhatsApp WooCommerce Plugin

WhatsApp WooCommerce Plugin

WhatsApp WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress WhatsApp WooCommerce Chat plugin for WordPress allows you to enable WhatsApp click-to-chat widget on your website. This is the finest way to connect and interact with your audience. Via WhatsApp button, you can offer support directly, build trust and increase customer loyalty. Installation Method 1 Upload the wa-notifications-for-woocommerce folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP. Method 2 Upload the […]

Aarogya Setu- A perfect example of good SMS API for OTP

Aarogya Setu SMS API for OTP

AarogyaSetu app is a fine example of a mobile application purposed towards health services for a nation. The Government of India has launched the AarogyaSetu app to connect essential health services with the people of India as the country fights against the corona-virus pandemic. Such apps aim at enhancing the government initiatives towards proactively reaching […]

Which is better, bulk calls or an SMS?

Which is better, bulk calls or an SMS

It has always been a marketer’s delight to design campaigns that are based on consumer insights, combines cognition with emotions and reflects proof.  Logic should be replaced with Magic, the content has to be designed for the right side of the brain, and instead of appealing to the head, the campaign has to appeal to the heart.  […]

Why e-Tailers doing away with SMS OTP is a big risk

e-Tailers doing away with SMS OTP

Recently RBI has put the onus of verifying customers on the merchants and e-commerce Industry has begun to implement the outcome.  While the central bank may have put a development-oriented policy the risk and outcome of the new methods lie completely with the merchants and is only going to increase possibilities of frauds. 2nd Factor authentication as it is […]

SMS API Integration for Payment Gateways

SMS API Integration

Immediate provisioning of POS services for unmanned stations is now available with Bulk SMS API Integrations.  Technology as simple as Bulk SMS API is creating waves by enabling providing integration capability between unrelated systems while keeping security and confidentiality completely intact. Banking and payment gateway systems are very concerned about not integrating with any external systems and rightly so, […]

6 Channels for customer communications, Bulk SMS, Email, Browser push, Voice SMS, Whatsapp Business API, and application notifications.

Businesses across the world have multiple choices of sending push notifications to their customers.  Most popular are Bulk SMS notifications, Voice SMS, email notifications, app notifications, browser notifications and now increasingly WhatsApp business API notifications.  This article presents a short comparison of these methods and hopefully provides help to corporates in choosing the right medium. […]

4 Key strategies to engage your customers on WhatsApp Business API and Bulk SMS together.

Cloud Communication Platform

Increasingly the customers are expecting enterprises to engage more effectively and share information with them on immediately basis. Enterprises engaged in B2C business’ can now leverage strategies that combine WhatsApp Business API and Bulk SMS together to achieve an elevated level of customer engagement and customer delight. Here are 4 key strategies that can be […]