How to keep your distribution chain engaged through Bulk SMS and LongCode


India is an amazing country when it comes to the spread of language and diversity. For long marketeers have been wondering how to promote the products with the end customer, especially when your sellers may not have English as a first language. Bulk SMS and LongCode solve this problem in a way like never before. […]

Best Digital Marketing Agency In Delhi

Digital marketing Company Noida

Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Across India, there are many Digital Marketing Company that are embedding their knowledge to enhance the reputation of their customers. Many tools and techniques are being implemented by them, to extend the reach of the business and its motto. It is essential for any organization to check the potential of […]

Benefits Of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing From mTalkz Time has changed and so have business strategies. The entire business structures have taken a new direction to promote their products or the services. And why not, if the technology has spread its wings, then it’s incumbent to lead in a way. We must appreciate that we are living in a […]

SHORT CODE SMS Service 56161

short code sms service provider

SHORT CODE SMS 56161 India Ever gone through all the messages you receive on your mobile phone and noticed the frequency of text messages from SHORT CODE SMS , Shocked Right? Several questions might be running through your mind like What is this Short Code SMS 56161 ? Are these messages send through this number […]

OTP SMS Service From mTalkz

OTP SMS Service From mTalkz

 OTP SMS, OTP SMS Services The world is moving towards a direction with a dream to make things convenient for human lives. We are living in a digital age which has taken a new dimension. In this competitive race, the E-commerce market and commercial website companies are working simultaneously to make our dreams a reality. […]

Interactive Voice Response Service – IVR Service

Interactive Voice Response Service

IVR Services In India Many of the times we make calls on toll-free numbers to enquiring regarding various services. From the traveling information to banking transactions, we always try to look for best policy at our fingertips. A pre-recorded voice welcomes and asks to select the number from phone’s keypad to sort out the query. […]

International SMS, a new concept to connect with the world

bulk international sms, bulk international sms provider

Bulk International SMS SMS (Short Message Service) is a unique idea which is being used by big or small businesses as well as organizations for so many years. However, these businesses have evolved over the years and achieved their set targets. The entire business world has become a part of Digital marketing and they are […]

SMS Marketing – What is it and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Bulk SMS Marketing

The number of text messages sent every year is increasing by leaps and bounds, especially among the younger generation, and this trend isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. Sending out text messages may seem like an easy way to communicate with your customers, but it requires some preparation in order to be successful […]

SMS API For Developers – Can Small Business Ignore It?

SMS API For Developers

Moore’s Law is a major reason for the onset of the “Age of Acceleration” in the world. Age of acceleration is the present age where the rate of change of all things has gained dizzying speed and individuals and businesses are finding themselves unable to cope with the high speed of change. Companies are losing […]

How Bulk SMS Helps For School Management ?

bulk sms for schools and colleges

BULK SMS FOR SCHOOLS & COLLEGES India is now at a cusp of becoming a developed country. The education sector in the country is going to play an important role in this growth story as the literacy levels of the country is a major matrix to gauge its progress on the development scale. The quality […]