In today’s modern age and complex business environment, it is imperative for every sector to search for the marketing tactics that work best for their brands. Even the education sector, be it schools or colleges should nowadays look out for marketing methods that help them to reach parents and students at the right time. With the advent of mobile phones and its usage, what’s better than bulk SMS marketing.

Various educational institutions are nowadays struggling to reach parents and students due to the social distancing norms following everywhere. With mTalkz bulk SMS platform, schools and colleges can send important information such as meeting invites, emergency alerts, attendance notifications, exam schedules, updates on different classroom activities, and much more. Schools can even collect detailed feedback from parents and students regarding necessary updates or events. So, let’s look at how schools and colleges are taking leverage of bulk SMS marketing:

Market the brand

With the help of bulk SMS marketing, schools and colleges are marketing their brand to parents, students, and investors. For instance, 

“Dear Anisha, Are you looking for the best schools near Delhi? No worries, check out this link to have a look at the best school for your child!”

Not only bulk SMS marketing helps schools and colleges to reach the parents and students but also make the message customised as per the reader. By partnering with effective bulk SMS service providers, educational institutions get the advantage of gaining insights about their target audiences, thus more precise targeting.

Attendance Notifications

Various schools are turning to digital and have moved towards online classes due to the COVID 19 pandemic. In a situation like this, to update parents regarding their children’s attendance, schools are taking the help of bulk SMS services. A notification can be sent to parents which includes content, for instance,

“Dear Deepak, This message is to inform you that your daughter XYZ has missed today’s class at 10am” 

Various schools are also giving students the link via message to fill out their attendance, thus more convenient to not only students but also the teachers and parents. Bulk SMS for Schools is more convenient!

Updates About Important Events

Modern-age schools conduct events every now and then. It is challenging for schools nowadays to reach out to every parent to update them about the events, and this is where bulk SMS service comes into the picture and enables schools to update a large number of people.

For instance a message that contains the following may be sent in bulk,

“Dear Sagar, This is to inform you that this Friday we are celebrating virtually “25 years of our school”. Timings are 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. This is a compulsory event; we request every student to attend it!”

This ensures maximum participation and also help in creating a personal connect with students and parents

Update report cards

As parent-teacher meetings have become difficult to arrange physically due to the risk of transmitting the virus, various schools are now using bulk SMS to update parents about their child’s progressive reports. A Short Message with a link as CTA may be sent, For instance,

“Dear Anshika, We are glad to inform you that your son ABC has performed well in this semester exams. To see his progressive report, please click the link mentioned below!”

The list of the benefits of bulk SMS marketing doesn’t end here. Various schools are also using the digital solution to update students about change in class timings, or holidays, and even about fees submission. Bulk SMS services, in the recent past have gained a lot of popularity where businesses and institutions have made sure that they adopt it and leverage it effectively.

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