Ecommerce in 2022 is poised to break all boundaries in terms of user base and service availability. With more and more customers using e-commerce services, customer support expectations are the top priority. Among the group of experienced and new consumers, everyone requires some form of support, i.e. either enquiry or post-purchase support.

Many businesses use WhatsApp Business API to meet the growing demand of customer support and for reaching out to a large customer base easily. It bridges the gap between two applications, allowing smooth communications. Many service providers offer WhatsApp API services, but not all are aware about the benefits. 

Before jumping into how to use WhatsApp API, you shall know why you would even consider using WhatsApp Business API. Below are certain benefits that you can get from using WhatsApp Business API.Why should you use WhatsApp Business API?

  1. Saves Time and Resources : WhatsApp Business API helps save valuable time and resources by automating certain tasks and bridging the gap between applications to make communication possible. As a result, the use of WhatsApp API saves both time and money that would’ve been spent on training and facilitating; these resources can be later put to better use.
  2. Customer Experience and Support : WhatsApp Business API helps improve customer experience by providing seamless service to customers. Whether it is enquiry or post-purchase support, WhatsApp API enables companies to provide top-quality services. This includes updating the customer about their order status, payment/refund status, availability and stock information, and product enquiry.
  3. Convenience : WhatsApp Business API connects your business to more than 1 Billion users at their place of convenience. WhatsApp API connects businesses and customers, increasing their scope of service/business and opening them up to more potential customers.

Ways for WhatsApp and E-commerce Integration

Now that we know what WhatsApp Business API is and how it can benefit our business, let’s look at how we can integrate our business with WhatsApp API. Below are three major methods to do so:


  1. WhatsApp Chatbot – WhatsApp Chatbot is the most basic way of WhatsApp API integration in e-commerce. WhatsApp chatbot uses conversational AI to imitate human interaction. It automates certain tasks and helps troubleshoot customer issues. Benefits of using WhatsApp chatbot are:– Assists the customers even during non-working hours.
    – Helps save the cost of hiring multiple agents and even focuses on more complex tasks.
    – Unlike humans, WhatsApp chatbots can handle multiple chats at a single time.
    – Fast, intelligent and highly efficient.
  2. WhatsApp Business API – WhatsApp Business API is a more complex integration than WhatsApp chatbot, taking its features and multiplying them many folds. It can be used to troubleshoot customer issues and provide timely updates on the order, offer, etc. WhatsApp Business API can be further integrated with other services to provide a better experience.
  3. WhatsApp Opt-in Form: WhatsApp Opt-in forms are the third means of WhatsApp API integration. They eliminate customer issues. This method is useful for providing offers, price drops, flash sales, and more. All this information is sent after the consumer gives consent on the form displayed when visiting the website. Asking for consent is important in this process to prevent your business from future lawsuits.

Who is the best WhatsApp Business API service provider?

Mtalkz is rated amongst one of the best WhatsApp Business API service providers; by providing top-tier services at attractive prices. Over 300+ enterprises trust Mtalkz’s services to augment their customer engagement and business growth. Mtalkz helps customers leverage WhatsApp’s user base for their businesses by specialising in providing top-tier services and following it up with excellent customer support.