The pandemic situation caused many businesses to enhance their capacity to use multiple digital channels to accommodate new customer engagements, such as contactless pickup, medical checks before entering the premises, and telehealth visits. These were created to reduce face-to-face contact between firms and consumers across various industry verticals while also establishing new procedures and protocols. As a result, businesses upscaled their functions to include CPaaS to create rapid response and boost business growth and productivity. .

CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years and is expected to boom soon. According to Juniper Research’s 2021 CPaaS Future Market Outlook, CPaaS technology is omnipresent and will generate more than $10 billion in revenue by 2022 as compared to $8.6 billion in 2021, representing a significant growth of 17 percent year-on-year increase.

It is evident that there is a high level of awareness about CPaaS and programmable communication. Programmable communications have expanded their reach beyond immediate prospects and may now assist in creating new processes and use cases in various sectors and vertical markets.

Every business understands the importance of first-mover advantage and plans to identify and act on the upcoming trends of cloud communication platforms. Here are the four CPaaS trends that will shape customer communication in the year 2022: 

Integrated Marketing Communications 

For more consistent communications, CPaaS connects several communication mediums. Because all forms of communication are interconnected, marketers may segment consumers more effectively. It can send out various types of reminders to different users based on their usage patterns, even if their buying behaviour is the same. For example, communication API  pushes alerts to a subset of the population who uses its smartphone application regularly. At the same time, email may be the primary contact form for desktop users.

Chatbots and Customer Service

The most prominent use cases for CPaaS are WhatsApp Business APIs and WhatsApp chatbots. Companies are already integrating self-service chatbots to answer simple questions via conversational interfaces. CPaaS enables text-based marketing, call-based support, and video-based help that can be integrated into the same application. Consumers never have to exit the app to submit a request or speak with customer support. It becomes faster and more efficient for the customer support rep to acquire customer information because everything is connected at the backend. When a buyer contacts them, they are already aware of the potential problem and the buyer’s previous communication history. They may get right to the point of resolving the issue, greatly improving the client experience.

Mobile Payments and (two-factor) authentication

Communication APIs can be integrated into a smartphone application for two-factor authentication, providing clients with an extra layer of protection. Enterprises can utilise CPaaS to authenticate user identity using OTPs (one-time passwords), eliminating the chances of fraudulent activities. Mobile banking, password resets, and app authentication may all be done with two-factor authentication using CPaaS. In fact, for fintech organisations, providing a seamless mobile payment experience can be a major differentiation. Even small businesses can benefit from frictionless payments, which can boost conversion rates significantly.

DIDs for maintaining a local presence

Missed call service, two-factor authentication, and lead generation can all be done with direct inward dialling (DID). Customers’ missed calls can be automatically loaded into an integrated CRM, and the marketing funnel can start working right away. Communication APIs could also establish a feature-rich digital call centre with call recording, a complex IVR interface, and call forwarding, among other things. Call recording can be quite beneficial in industries like healthcare and investment banking. Communication APIs play a very major role in creating a local presence.

CPaaS increases flexibility by making it easier to assess customer’s needs through automation that allows organisations to communicate effectively. Furthermore, simple access to their behavioural data allows them to talk more freely, opening up more possibilities for stronger ties, deeper engagement, and a more personalised experience. Mtalkz provides every business sector with the latest CPaaS solutions, whether AI, chatbots or two-factor authentication. To know more, click here and get ahead in your race to acquire more customers and uplift your brand image.