2022 is the year in which many existing challenges and opportunities will be magnified and accelerated. Sustainability, technology, automation, e-commerce, and changing consumer demand should be of key importance. Logistics has been the backbone of many industries, and over the years, it has enriched its technology-based offerings to suit diverse sectors and their needs. With rising income levels, higher exports, a rapidly growing e-commerce sector, a growing retail sales market, and a projected GDP growth in the next five years, the demand for goods movement is also expected to increase at a CAGR of 8%.

However, companies in the logistics industry face some tough challenges. There is no lack of hurdles to jump through, from volatile demand patterns and throat-slitting competition to rising fuel costs and dynamic costs. Logistics firms enable thousands of deliveries every day, necessitating many often-repetitive queries. The industry needs a tool that’s cost-effective and highly interactive. Thus, the WhatsApp chatbot is spearheading the new normal of transportation. 

Enter WhatsApp Chatbot for Logistics

With the WhatsApp chatbot for Logistics, you can auto-answer support questions, lower the cost and staff associated with support, and use your free time to solve complex problems requiring human intervention. Chatbots for business further enable a two-way conversation between the customers and the company. The chatbots can deduce when a customer requires human support and automatically transfer the chat to a live agent.

Features of WhatsApp Chatbots in the Logistics Industry

There is no platform bigger than WhatsApp today. With a WhatsApp Chatbot platform, logistics companies can engage, acquire and support customers in real-time. 

  • Increased Accessibility for Customers

WhatsApp chatbots can function around the clock without any limitations. You can provide customer support 24/7, which will bring loyal customers. Chatbots have been addressing human-less customer interactions, taking customer interaction to the next level. WhatsApp chatbots are, thus, transforming enterprise customer experiences and scaling sales productivity.

  • Boost Efficiencies

Chatbots are a useful tool with many functional attributes to boost delivery efficiencies. Drivers are used to providing updates via their phones and text messages. WhatsApp Chatbots facilitate and help drivers with critical updates in a timely and convenient manner. Technological platforms for tracking and communicating in the logistics and transport industry include mobile apps, in-cab systems, etc.

  • Reduced Cost and Optimised Workflow

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to automate communications and send interactive messages. Maintaining a central database linked with chatbots functions as an instant portal for employees to obtain information anytime. It allows businesses to create a personalised communication flow that works best for their customers and instantly reply to their queries. Companies can further empower their chatbots with voice recognition, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, etc. 

  • Transparent and Easy Shipment Tracking

In logistics transportation, chatbots can conduct shipment tracking faster than the online form-filling on the company’s website and waiting for the needed information. Order visibility and status are valuable in customer service, and chatbots can deliver real-time tracking of the order just over a messenger. Empowering customers to self-serve themselves enhances customer satisfaction and decreases the load on your support team.

  • Automating Repetitive Tasks

Chatbots have shown the power to reduce operational costs for logistics companies while simultaneously increasing employee productivity in different ways by automating mundane and repetitive administrative tasks such as document generation, meeting scheduling, and CRM update. In addition, Chatbots can automate routine tasks so employees can focus on higher-value work.

Ready for WhatsApp Chatbot to Start Delivering Value for your Business?

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