3 Best SMS Marketing Practices for 2022

SMS Marketing practices

SMS Marketing is evolving as one of the most prominent and reliable ways as a communication channel to communicate with your customers. A better tool for the lead generation than any other channel. If your customers are texting then you should do as well. SMS marketing is considered as the best way as it makes […]

5 Reasons to Choose an SMS Gateway as Your Communications Platform

5 Reasons to choose sms gateway

Communication Through Bulk SMS Gateway Managing your internal and external communications is often a challenging task. From employees to customers and potential leads, shuffling through many different conversations can be time-consuming and difficult. An SMS Gateway can prevent such issues by bringing a direct, secure and universal communications channel for your business. An SMS Gateway […]

How to Create an API in CodeIgniter?

How to create an API in CodeIgniter

Introduction to CodeIgniter REST API  A REST API, also called RESTful API, refers to an application programming interface that functions as per the REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style and facilitates communication with other RESTful web services. REST uses a basic HTTP Protocol. This implies that the request-response implementation is relatively straightforward. REST ensures smooth […]

SMS API: All You Need to Know About SMS API Integration

SMS API Integration

Can you believe that SMS and SMS API’s are used by different sized companies for around 27 years to interact with targeted customers? It’s because of the advantages of SMS marketing over any other kind of marketing. The biggest reason for this popularity is that SMS is very affordable and provides a great investment return. […]

What is SMS Gateway? How does it work? Why it is Essential for Your Business

Bulk SMS Gateway

Businesses are always watchful of opportunities to be able to connect with customers and partners. Competition now is brimming, and it has become very easy to get lost in the sea full of players in the business. It is crucial to build and develop a digital presence in preparation for survival in the market. To […]