Digital transformation is leading to an increase in cyber fraud and hacking. As a solution to the problem, two factor authentication unquestionably provides an additional level of security for all your devices and immediately reduces the likelihood that hackers will successfully access online accounts or systems.

From the consumer perspective, as part of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and two-factor identification, one-time passwords (OTPs) help balance the requirements of security of personal data. OTPs are one-of-a-kind passwords that are valid for just one login session over the course of a certain amount of time. OTPs also eliminate a lot of the problems with traditional passwords by not being vulnerable to attacks as they are not reusable.

This blog gives out a detailed outline of the working, importance and benefits of two-factor authentication. 

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Work

A security technique known as two factor authentication (2FA) requires two different forms of identification in order to gain access to something. A smartphone, a locker, and even an online account all benefit from two-factor authentication. 2FA uses two different methods of authentication from the user, including a password or personal identification number (PIN), a code delivered to the user’s smartphone, or a fingerprint. 

The distinctions between OTP authentication and OTP verification can often lead to confusion. A user is attempting to access a system that has an OTP SMS service scheme-integrated authentication server. When a user enters account information or starts a transaction, the system checks the data and asks for a One Time Password or OTP. The OTP is generated by the authentication server and sent to the user through SMS or email. After a user inputs the OTP, the server verifies it before granting access to the user. In addition to being shared as an SMS or email, an OTP SMS service can also be provided via a Push notification. Users must confirm that the users attempting to access sensitive data are who they claim to be in order to protect it. Security risks like phishing, phishing attacks, credential exploitation, and others that target user passwords and accounts can be successfully defended against with 2FA.

Benefits of Using Two-Factor Authentication

There are several benefits of using two factor authentication or OTP authentication, such as: 

  • High security

To decrease the possibility of attackers posing as real users, the OTP SMS service employs a second layer of authentication. This lessens the possibility of account and data theft. Even if the hacker is successful in obtaining the user’s login credentials over the dark web, they will be missing the last bit of information needed for successful authentication. It is easier to preserve user privacy because two factor authentication frequently includes biometric security, which is enabled on 77% of mobile devices.

  • Increased Credibility

The adoption of 2FA reduces fraud attempts and increases user trust in the merchant’s website. There is a high chance that most fraud victims will avoid a particular business even if it wasn’t responsible for the data leak. 

  • Enhanced Productivity

Multinational organisations can employ the second level of authentication more easily with mobile 2FA. Employees can securely access the company’s software and systems, online documents, and third-party systems from any device or location without disclosing or sharing confidential information.

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Many people can conduct any form of value transaction without the use of a third party with the aid of the decentralised blockchain. They make sure that this private information is never stored in a single database by using blockchain. Instead, it might be stored on immutable blockchain nodes, which are unchangeable and unassailable. In this approach, user devices will be authenticated by a third-party 2FA provider using the blockchain network. The endpoint data will be securely stored by each party on the blockchain network, and the second-level password will be generated by the two factor authentication mechanism when it is activated.

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