Email marketing started as a one-way channel to reach the highest possible number of potential customers. Cut to today, where advancements in AI, audience segmentation, data collection and analysis make it simpler than ever for marketers to build a highly customised zone of email messages.

Since B2B companies tend to have a large client base and customers who might or might not be social media buffs, bulk email marketing is much more crucial. When communicating for business, this kind of audience can be influenced via email. Also, Email is regarded as the third most effective channel for B2B information exchange.

Ways to Transform your Email Marketing with MtalkzĀ 

To establish contacts, many small businesses and B2B companies use phone or postal cards. Retaining customers requires trust, engagement, personalisation, and localisation. Email marketing can be helpful here. Customers that are pleased with a brand enjoy getting emails from them. Because it fosters relationships with customers beyond a single purchase, it becomes a perfect retention strategy.

Email-based retention marketing is pure art. This blog highlights the email marketing strategies businesses can employ to convert more customers and boost overall sales.

  • Offers and Promotion Emails

An email sent to the email list that promotes any new or existing products, or services is referred to as a promotional email. Promotional emails are sent to spread the news about exclusive content, flash sales, or special offers. A promotional email’s objective can be to fasten the purchasing decision, attract more customers, or persuade contacts to take some business action. A purpose can also be to increase traffic on the website. Overall, the impact of email campaigns can be measured by the number of downloads, scheduled calls, event registrations, or other actions in addition to sales, which are the most common conversion types.

  • Cart Recovery Emails

According to the Shopify report, roughly 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the buyer makes a purchase. This is an obvious sign that the sales might only be about one-third of what they could be. Success depends on reducing the cart abandonment rates. However, convincing every cart abandoner to complete the checkout process and tripling the conversion rate is surely not doable. However, recovery email campaigns can help recover a sizable amount of abandoned carts.

  • Post-Purchase Emails

Sending customers regular emails with pertinent and customised content is crucial for preserving brand familiarity with consumers. Sending post-purchase emails with thank-you presents, personalised promo codes, or anything else that offers customers a lot of value is an excellent habit. In order to keep customers thinking of the brand, one can also send them emails about new inventory and product recommendations based on their prior purchases. The constant presence will impact customers’ decisions until the next time they shop, and it won’t take long for them to recall who they last bought from.

  • Target Inactive Customers

Customers may stop responding to emails for a variety of reasons. The goal of retention marketing is to maintain a customer’s interest and engagement. Going ahead, businesses can use surveys, giveaways, and polls and take whatever other steps are required to obtain their opinion. This will also enable them to comprehend their needs and wants and introduce potential future items or services to them.

  • Make it Personal

A terrific sales pitch is not what retention email is about. Making the consumers feel special is essential. Nobody wants to see a 24/7 advertisement for goods or services, whether businesses are mortgage experts, insurance agents, or real estate agents. Customers today want brands to communicate with them more casually.

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