Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Chennai

Find a Bulk SMS API for every application technology. 

Bulk SMS Service in Chennai

Want to know about the best bulk SMS service provider in Chennai? No worries, we are here for you. We at mTalkz are here to serve all the queries you have regarding SMS, email, voice calls, OTP services. 

Coming to us and our offerings, we are a mobile data service company offering end-to-end solutions in the wireless data service segment. Our core business is bulk SMS, and we have connectivity with over Six continents across the world. We offer Bulk SMS Gateways for 225 countries globally which can be used to send SMS to your recipients worldwide through our Bulk SMS Web interface, Email2SMS Interface, SMPP or HTTP connectivity, Voice SMS, Voice OBD and Whatsapp Business API based chatbot communications service. Our Sales Agents will also guide you through setting up and start using our services. Enjoy extended support from our technical support management team anytime you want.

Let’s dive you into the details on how we will help you as a bulk SMS provider in Chennai:

We Provide Direct Connectivity with 7 Telcos

mTalkz offers businesses direct connectivity with seven telecoms- Airtel, Idea, Jio, Vodafone, MTNL, BSNL, and Tata. So you have the option to use multiple channels for the delivery of messages.

Expert Guidance & Support from our teams

Our expert teams will guide you as you set up and start using our expert services. 

12000 TPS

Fastest delivery for your messages across the nation. Experience rapid delivery like you may not have seen ever before.

Intuitive & Easy to use Web-Panel

Personalize your messages quickly and say no to excel formatting and to upload huge files.

Real-Time Reporting Mechanism

Get instant insights into your campaigns be it the reaching time, reading time, linked open, and much more!

1000+ International Connection

We at mTalkz deliver to more than 225 countries in a matter of seconds.

24×7 support

Yes, we are here for your queries 24*7.Get started as soon as formalities are completed. Call us Today +91-9868629924 OR Fill the Request Form to Avail Premium Bulk SMS Services from mTalkz-  Chennai’s Best BULK SMS Provider.

Our Bulk SMS services in Other Cities : 

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Bulk SMS Service Chennai – FAQ

There are a lot of bulk sms companies in the Market, but Mtalkz is the leading bulk sms service provider company in Chennai.


Mtalkz is the leading bulk sms service provider company chennai offering bulk sms at very low cost with 12000 TPSDirect Connectivity with 7 TelcosIntuitive & Easy to use Web-PanelReal-Time Reporting Mechanism1000+ International Connection and 24×7 support


Yes, You can get the online technical support from bulk SMS service providers in Chennai. Please contact at 9868629924 or drop your queries at


There is no limit to send bulk SMS one time through Mtalkz platform. You can upload the file as much as you require in one time.


Yes, Please refer the following link to avail the Bulk SMS demo account.