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An established logistics leader witnessed 40% Cost Savings, Efficiency Gains Through Automation

About the Client

It is a freight transport and logistics company located in Hyderabad. They provide personalised road freight management solutions, to businesses of all sizes and needs. As a boutique logistics and road freight transport provider, they strive to punch above their weight and always treat our customers with equal importance and care.Some of their services include Full Truckload Services, Door to Door FTL Services, Warehousing, 24 Hour Delivery and Package Handling. By focusing on exceptional services to their users, they built a very strong brand with 40,000+ tons of goods delivered till now.


They’ve recently re-launched their whole business with a new name and website, hence making their brand name more accessible to modern customers. The rebranding called for addition of new capabilities to retain and grow their client portfolio. They also needed to improve their level of interaction with prospects and customers as it influenced their brand reputation. They wanted a solution that enabled them to share regular notifications with the customers regarding their consignments, delivery status, offers and alerts. All this was missing in their older site and infrastructure. To overcome this scenario, they looked for technology solutions as per the market need and trends.


They’ve partnered with Mtalkz to integrate SMS APIs in their efforts to enhance customer experience and expand their customer base by sending push notifications through SMS. By sending SMS updates to their customers, the company has been able to achieve several benefits. For example, they are able to provide real-time updates on shipment status, including delivery confirmations, delays, and other important information, which enhances the customer’s experience. Additionally, the company has been able to use SMS to send automated responses to common customer inquiries such as tracking information and to notify customers of any issues with their shipments. This improves the overall efficiency of their customer service. Furthermore, by consistently providing valuable and relevant information via SMS, the company is able to build trust and loyalty in their brand, which is crucial in retaining customers. SMS is also a cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers in a short amount of time, which makes it a valuable tool for targeted marketing. Finally, the company is able to reduce the likelihood of no-shows by reminding customers of upcoming deliveries or pickups through SMS.

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