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A pioneering knowledge sharing app for healthcare professionals saw 40% Increase in Customer Base in Just 3 Months

About the Client

They are helping doctors and aspiring students learn from the top experts across the world and practice better Medicine. By focusing on exceptional content and speaker quality, and has built a strong brand and a 50,000+ strong doctor community. It is the world’s #1 live streaming app for doctors with new sessions added every day, and loved by 70,000+ doctors and premier institutions and associations


Our client was facing significant obstacles in terms of delivering a superior customer experience (CX) through messaging services such as WhatsApp and SMS. These challenges include effectively broadcasting messages to a vast number of users via an API provider, automating alerts and report downloads, and offering access to online booking portals, chatbots, and live chat. The app must be able to seamlessly integrate these functionalities in order to provide a convenient and user-friendly experience. However, this integration can be challenging, requiring significant resources and technical expertise to be effectively implemented.


They have been using our WhatsApp and SMS services for the past 7 months to reach out to their clients and enhance customer engagement. By focusing on using these messaging platforms to communicate important updates and information, they have established a strong connection with their clients and increased customer satisfaction. One of the key ways they have utilized our services is by sending promotional alerts for upcoming events, such as webinars, quizzes, and live discussions, through SMS. This has helped increase user participation, leading to increased customer engagement and retention. They also automated the registration process for these events through WhatsApp and SMS, making it easier for users to sign up. The automation of this process minimizes the workload for humans and increases effectiveness. In addition, they have been sending daily reminders for events and webinars through WhatsApp and SMS, further increasing user engagement. They have also integrated our services to promote the installation of their app and gather real-time feedback from attendees of events, webinars, and quizzes.

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