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Mtalkz SMS for Shopify

Mtalkz integration with Shopify enables all its merchants to trigger event-driven marketing for their end customers. Shopify customers and merchants can seamlessly connect to all marketing data, send different type of messaging and alerts, review reports in real-time and more.

Mtalkz and Shopify integration for SMS Marketing Automation services is that enterprises can set up a system of speedy message delivery for their customers.

Send completely customised SMS messages to your customers

Businesses can send completely customised SMS messages to their customers and make any desired modifications with Mtalkz’s SMS Marketing Automation services on Shopify.


More engagement

Staying in touch with your customers through the regular SMS services by Mtalkz on Shopify can aid you to enhance customer engagement at your enterprise.


Catered to the specific needs of your business

You can tailor Mtalkz and SMS Marketing Automation services to suit the specific needs of your business on Shopify. This can aid you to optimise your company’s resources.


Verified Business Account

Increased sales

Automated SMS messages

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