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Bulk SMS Service for Govt. & Public Utilities Industry

Empower the communication by conducting polls drive public awareness, payment reminders for taxation, electric bills, telephone bills, water bills, including incidents, to collect relevant data using Bulk SMS

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Delivering timely messages to students or parents is absolutely crucial for school or college administration systems on certain occasions. Mtalkz can provide high-quality Bulk SMS Services that can help you in effectively communicating information regarding important school events such as exams, demo classes, free counselling session, admission days, etc.


AI-Powered Chatbots on WhatsApp can help in addressing parental concerns regarding their child’s performance. For online courses, you can build attractive course catalog or brochure, define schedule and accept payment through WhatsApp links.


Voice-enabled technology can assist you in marketing your school through broadcasting timely messages to the parents of potential students. You can take advantage of services like Outbound Dialling, Inbound Dialling, Number Masking, Missed Call, and Voice SMS by Mtalkz.


Mtalkz’s Email Marketing Services can enable business schools and universities to tap into unprecedented student population in the country with admissions and course curriculum. Generate more enquiries with email and track the results with online reports.

Conversational AI Chatbots

The usage of conversational AI-powered chatbots for your school can help you to provide a platform where both parent and student queries can be answered in a calm and intelligent manner. A Chabot replaces human effort with automatic and intelligent replies and reduces task load of repetitive queries.


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Why Mtalkz?

Industry Experience

Mtalkz has experience of working with top educational brands and defining their customer journey to generate significant results. We have clients across both small and large educational institution in the country to whom we have been servicing for over 4 years, with addition of new service channels during pandemic.

Tech Support

Major advantage of Mtalkz is that we offer technical support at every step of your journey. We emphasize long term relationship-building with our customers rather than just selling our products and services. We are platform-based, digital engagement and communication service company, always ready to scale up.


Mtalkz’s services are highly scalable by nature and can easily suit the specific needs of your education business. You can request the kind of customization you require for your institution, and we will be happy to help.

Simple integration

It is quite simple to integrate Mtalkz’s products into your existing business model. The process of integration is quick, and the services are easy to use. Moreso, we make sure that our two-way conversational channels enable customers to rely on the business at all the times.

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