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Google Verified SMS

With Mtalkz Google Verified SMS, your business can designate source phone numbers with Google. Google Verified SMS is an innovation on top of standard A2P SMS. It is a great solution for your business if you want to enhance trust from your customers, increase the opening rate or give detailed preview links of your URLs. It’s available for all Android mobile phone users with the Google Messages app. Google can verify the authenticity of each message you send and includes your business name and logo and a verification badge in the message thread, thus protecting your customer from fraudsters who spoof SMS content. 

Users are becoming increasingly suspicious of spam messages and phishing efforts infiltrating into their everyday digital communication channels. Verified SMSes are delivered by encryption to help customers verify the business’s true identity that’s sending them messages. Verified SMS strives to facilitate consumers to ease their decision-making regarding the business messages they receive. In addition, it helps businesses build trust, enhance their conversations with users, and stop scams. Verified SMS can help your business exceedingly by improving business communications and ensuring that your brand stands out with its logo and details displayed clearly for the audience. 

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Google Verified SMS – FAQ

What is a verified SMS?

Verified SMS is a service where google verifies the content which is sent by a specific business. When a SMS is verified, users can see the sender ID business name, the sender ID business logo, and a verification badge in the SMS thread

What is verified SMS by Google?

Verified SMS is a service from Google that verifies the authenticity of the content from a sender to the recipient, thus protecting your customer from fraudsters who spoof SMS content.

How do I enable my SMS verification?

Mtalkz provides Google verified SMS. You can connect with us to enable the SMS verification on your company’s sender ID.

How does Google verified SMS work?

It works as : when an enterprise sends SMS over API integration to Mtalkz, It’s sender ID creates a hash, then campaign initiated. After the sender ID sends the SMS, the client’s device validates the hash. After validation, the message gets verified and the branding icon starts appearing. In the end customers can see the Google Verified SMS.

What are the benefits of Google Verified SMS?

Benefits of Google Verified SMS are : 

  • Unique Brand identity Logo
  • Brand Profile information and verification
  • Strengthen user confidence on brands
  • Improve customers experience & trust
  • Eliminate spam messages
  • Fraud Detection and Control
  • Summary: Delivered, Unverified, Spam