While the digital communications landscape has shown remarkable transformation, companies still prefer to engage with their customers through SMS marketing. Today, it is the most reliable platform for A2P (Applications-to-Person) and P2A (Person-to-Application) communications. However, the role of SMS in business communications has seen considerable advancement. 

Welcoming a New Age of Communications

Rich Communication Service Message, or RCS, is the next generation of SMS. It has become the go-to messaging technology for enterprises looking for the most effective touchpoints to engage customers and promote their brands. RCS messaging is a new, visually appealing messaging channel that offers rich functionalities to enable more engaging customer journeys. Businesses employ RCS messaging to nurture healthy relationships with their customers through branded two-way communication. 

Let us offer you a better understanding of why RCS messaging is an exciting technology and the capabilities it brings to both, businesses and consumers.  

Consumers are overwhelmingly thrilled about what RCS has to offer. Nearly 80% of consumers find RCS appealing and over 70% say RCS would make them more likely to want to communicate with a brand. They are more likely to make online purchases if they can interact with brands in real time. So as the evolved version of texting, RCS offers the eye-catching functions of OTT apps and the unbeatable reach of SMS. 

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Features of RCS Messaging to Uplift Your Marketing Game

RCS Business Messaging is well capable of enabling advanced communications between third-party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of services. To enhance the experience, improve functionality, and provide several benefits, RCS enables the consumer to enjoy some key features:

Verified Sender Profile

Every RCS message comes with your business name and logo, guaranteeing that customers know they’re reading a trustworthy message. Like the feature provided on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the verified tick mark assures users that the business they are interacting with is genuine. This makes RCS business messaging an attractive choice for industries that send out a lot of messaging to their customers, such as BFSI, insurance firms, travel companies, retail companies, education universities and healthcare providers. Spam and Smishing (SMS Phishing) are becoming an issue that could potentially put messaging at risk. Though the most effective channel, SMS does not allow the recipient to confirm the identity of the sender. This can now be addressed under RCS.

Frictionless Engagement & Lead Generation

Since RCS interacts directly with other mobile applications and is designed to include embedded rich media content like coupons, images, maps, or videos, businesses can use ‘rich cards’ to share high-value content directly in the messaging window. 

A competent RCS Messaging service provider would also enable predetermined responses so users can quickly reply with the suggested options and easily converse with your business. This smooth content delivery increases user engagement and the chances of the user fulfilling the desired action, such as visiting a store, watching a branded video, or cashing in on a coupon are much higher than a normal SMS.

Rich Media Capabilities

Companies wish to create app-like experiences within a native mobile messaging application. RCS Messaging allows businesses to create a more memorable CX and build a deeper emotional connection with customers by uploading high-quality video and audio files, photographs, rich cards, or carousels featuring multiple rich cards for users to swipe through. RCS also enables location functionality, configurable buttons for smart replies, CTA links, calendar event creation, and more! 

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Real-time Campaign Analysis

With RCS, optimising communication campaigns becomes easy. For instance, businesses can track when a customer reads a message, begins to type a reply, and clicks on the link that has been shared. These smarter insights can help improve communication funnel and optimize messaging for maximum readability and customer engagement. It not only provides read receipts but also interaction receipts. You can see who has clicked on a suggested action button on the message. Thus, further enhancing your customer intelligence.

Interactive Chatbot Integration

You can use conversational AI through RCS-enabled chatbots to give your customers relevant and timely notifications and digitalise repetitive communication patterns. Chatbots allow you to have meaningful conversations with customers, anywhere, anytime. In addition, chatbots clarify doubts customers may have during the buying process and effectively resolve complaints. 

Our Takeaways

Brands, big and small, are looking to leverage RCS for various business communication, be it transactional, promotional or conversational. With RCS Messaging, businesses can deliver a hyper-personalized customer experience in sales, customer care, branding, marketing, and advertising without developing a standalone product. Connect with Mtalkz today to revolutionize your business messaging with RCS and discover exciting possibilities to enrich communications with rich media in customers’ native messaging apps.