Our journey from being citizens to netizens shows how digitalization has gradually become an integral part of our lives. From cash payments to online payments and banking to online banking, pretty much everything is just one click away. As a result, businesses are growing rampantly with digital communication in place. And if you are a business entity, it is undeniable that communication with a customer is indispensable. Well, secure and reliable communication is, as it helps you gain their trust. This is where Google’s Rich Communication Service Message (also known as Chat) come in handy. RCS Messaging is a Google verified SMS API that takes the whole digital communication segment a notch higher, providing the customer with Google verified SMS, leading to enhanced communication by maintaining the authenticity of the sender(business entity).

Why Verified SMS? 

Earlier, good customer service, quick response time, communication, and incorporating feedback were the core parameters to build and sustain trust among your customers. However, with digitalization, there has also been an increase in fraudulent texts and phishing scams, which puts the whole communication segment in a tough spot. And today’s techno-savvy consumer is well aware of the phishing and fake SMS scams where the authenticity of the sender is put into question. Breaching of confidential data then becomes a definite consequence, with millions of unverified scammers sending unauthenticated messages to customers each day. 

So, enterprises need to constantly prove to their customers that they are who they claim to be. Especially sectors like banking, finance, BFSI, and Retail dealing with sensitive customer data need to reinstate trust among their customers. Verified SMS makes this process simpler. 

Here’s how a verified SMS enhances communication:  

  • Secure Communication¬†

You don’t have to worry about any unverified scammer targeting your customer by sending texts from random numbers. This online SMS verification uses encryption to transmit messages, ensuring the end-user the authenticity of the texts sent by any business entity. 

  • Branding¬†

Google verified SMS lets you display your business’s name, logo, and a Google verified badge on the top of the chat window. So, whenever a user receives a text from an enterprise entity, they know who they are receiving a message from. 

Benefits of Using RCS Messaging

  • Greater security than other existing messaging apps¬†
  • Provides all features of WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook with better group chat features
  • Allows audio and video streaming¬†
  • It comes with larger and higher quality image sending capabilities
  • Access to a variety of emojis and stickers¬†¬†
  • It enables two-way communication with rich features like branding and analytics.¬†¬†

Benefits of Incorporating Google Verified SMS to your Enterprise

  • Build trust and win your customers over messaging

Since all the texts sent are fully secure, it makes the process of gaining customer trust a tad bit easy. 

  • Brand awareness¬†

You can display your enterprise name, logo, and a verification badge at the top of the message. This not only helps customers validate your authenticity but also helps you distinguish yourself from other brands. 

  • Share sensitive data without any worries¬†

With the Google messaging app, you can securely share confidential data and web links, leaving no scope for data breaches or data leaks. 

  • Acknowledgement of delivered messages¬†

Like WhatsApp, the app comes with features like quick delivery of messages and read receipts to acknowledge the message is received and read by the user. 

  • Improved customer engagement¬†

The app allows two-way communication, which helps boost customer engagement.  

  • Easy to incorporate¬†

Integration of verified SMS requires minimum processing on your infrastructure. So you can get it integrated with your vertical with minimal hassle and prevent potential scams. 

We at Mtalkz are here to help you build a concrete business-customer relationship and prevent scams through seamless verified messaging integration. Please feel free to reach out to us to know more about our bulk online SMS verification services.