For both customers and organisations, login and authentication are crucial since they confirm a user’s identity and safeguard their accounts and data.

A lot of customers face problems with OTPs on a daily basis, whether they’re dealing with delays or fraudulent ones.

In the previous two years, there have been over 9 lakh reports of phishing due to OTP compromise.

Owing to that, customers need to gain more faith in OTPs. For business owners, it is time to make a move and capture their audience with OTPFree – a without OTP WhatsApp login feature. 

The “OTPFree”, a login with WhatsApp service from Mtalkz, offers a distinction that it does not require users to input an OTP to log in. Instead, it uses WhatsApp as a means of user verification and authentication without the need for a one-time password (OTP), to confirm their identity. 

Introducing OTP Free

OTPFree is a revolutionary service that surpasses the need for a user to register for a new account or log in using OTP or passwords. , OTPFree is a solution that enables users to check into a website or application without OTP, simplifying the login process. No more fumbling with multiple passwords, no more tedious entering of registration details, and no more waiting for OTPs – simply click and go! 

 WhatsApp login. 

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that allows users to connect with friends, family and businesses anytime, anywhere and from any device. By doing so, users have the convenience of accessing their accounts on any device.

With its user-friendly interface, end-to-end encryption, and widespread popularity, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Mtalkz OPTFree service allows users to log in with WhatsApp to sign in to their online accounts, apps or websites. 

Secure Your Login With OTPFree

  • Fewer Chances Of Frauds

One of the primary benefits of using WhatsApp for login is that it does away with the risks and restrictions associated with using email addresses and OTPs. The user’s phone number is confirmed using WhatsApp for login and authentication via a secure and encrypted communication channel that cannot be readily intercepted or stolen by adversaries. As a result, attackers can not access a user’s account or data using stolen or made-up phone numbers. 

Additionally, the user generally updates the login with WhatsApp and is more dependable and persistent than email addresses and OTPs. It lowers the chance of account lockout or fraud by making it simple for users to access their accounts and retrieve their passwords.

  • Improved Security

End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and account verification are just a few security features of WhatsApp API. These features can give an extra layer of security to the user’s account and data. As a result, login with WhatsApp offers a more secure login and authentication procedure and guards against hackers getting access to or interfering with user accounts or data. 

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Benefits Of OTPFree:

1. Boost Your Revenue

Login with WhatsApp can cut down on the expenses and risks connected to email addresses and OTPs, which can be costly to deploy and maintain and pose a threat to organisations if they are intercepted or stolen. Businesses may also cut expenses connected with sending OTP or emails to customers by adopting this feature. 

2. Improved User Experience

Customers may access their accounts using their current WhatsApp accounts without having to input their email addresses or passwords or wait to get an OTP through SMS or email, making the process of logging in using WhatsApp simple and familiar for users. It indicates that customers can quickly and conveniently log in using WhatsApp, enhancing the user experience and convenience.

Also, logging in with WhatsApp is scalable. It has a worldwide reach, enabling companies to contact and interact with their users effectively and consistently regardless of where they are or what language they speak.

Free Yourself From The Shackles Of OTP | OTPFree By Mtalkz

Mtalkz’s OTPFree is a FREE solution that leverages WhatsApp API to verify and authenticate users without requiring a one-time password (OTP) to access an app or website. The Login with WhatsApp feature allows users to securely verify their identity and log in using their WhatsApp credentials, which can be used to do this.

Utilise WhatsApp’s capabilities to do away with the requirement for a separate SMS-based OTP. 

How Mtalkz’s OTPFree Works:

Step 1: Include a “Login with WhatsApp” button on your website or software.

Step 2: Select the “Login with WhatsApp” option to complete a smooth login.

Step 3: A particular authentication token gets produced when the registered WhatsApp number has been verified. A callback or webhook endpoint informs our system which user was successfully authenticated at the time of the attempt.

Step 4: The user must send a pre-populated message to our Whatsapp handle after sending the created token, which is tied to a login link.

Step 5: A user can access the website or application using the token to verify his identity.

It’s time for you to get started on OTPFree now. 

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