The Indian E-commerce market is anticipated to grow by 21.5% in 2022 and reach US$ 74.8 billion. E-commerce has revolutionised how businesses operate in India. Global E-commerce is becoming more multilateral. Businesses need to find and access growing markets with the right potential as consumer spending power rises and digital infrastructure becomes more advanced on a global scale. Businesses can diversify their revenue sources by tapping into these developing consumer markets, which promotes more robustness and stability when growth in other areas slows.

As the market grows, so are the customer expectations. An omnichannel customer engagement journey maps a user’s interactions within  an organisation over a variety of channels, such as Bulk SMS, push notifications, emails, in-app messaging, and web notifications. Regardless of the channel via which they communicate with the brand, more than 35% of customers expect to be able to interact with the same customer service representative.

This blog explains how WhatsApp business API is the most effective solution for businesses and how it helps to increase Customer Engagement in Your E-Commerce or D2C Business. 

WhatsApp API Empowering D2C and Omnichannel Retailers

In India, there are more startups emerging every day, and each industrial development moves us closer to a society that is fully digital. All of the main market participants had a future vision that involved expanding their digital footprints, and all startups had a plan to enter this technological and digitalisation-driven environment.

WhatsApp, a global leader in social messaging, entered the industry to improve customer experience and speed up adoption by moving its business API to the cloud. Through an easy-to-use interface, enterprises can enter the data they wish to transmit in the correct fields. Text, audio, documentation, video, and other sorts of data can all be included in the messages.

Benefits of WhatsApp API

There are several benefits of WhatsApp API that can help businesses boost their customer relationships, such as: 

  • Personalisation

When customers contact businesses, they want familiarity and personalisation. It is entirely up to businesses to decide how they would want to use WhatsApp API in the business, depending on their creativity and the requirements of their sector. Using WhatsApp Business API can make personalisation simpler. Advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is used by WhatsApp API to conduct human-to-human chats.

  • Leverage User Data

A solid foundation for message personalisation is provided by effective path mapping, which gathers customer information from throughout the tech stack. This allows companies to create sophisticated audiences that are strengthened by a range of information sources and use them as a base for journey optimisation.

  • Enrich Leads

Lead generation is made considerably simpler by the ease with which a WhatsApp chatbot can begin a conversation. Businesses frequently provide a phone number or a click-to-chat option in web advertisements, which instantly launches a new chat window. As soon as the chat starts, the company receives the customer’s name and phone number, enabling tailored communication that results in strangers becoming clients.

Use Cases of WhatsApp Business API

  • Notifications and Alerts

Modern business relies heavily on short, sharp notifications to clients, but as was already noted, email is frequently not checked, making it possible that time-sensitive communications will go unnoticed. A WhatsApp chatbot is the ideal tool for sending customers immediate alerts, such as reminders of appointments, deals, or event announcements.

  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programmes are a terrific approach to keep customers and encourage repeat purchases when it comes to efficient marketing. Running loyalty programmes, however, may be challenging because users need to be informed about their points gained, exclusive offers, and ways to use these points. The loyalty programme is entirely automated with WhatsApp, with point balances and reminders sent to users to encourage redemption.

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