Missed Call Solutions : Remember the days when you used to vote for your favourite reality TV show contestant by giving a missed call on a number several times? That is an automated technology that greatly benefits businesses, especially the entertainment industry. Over the years, missed call services have proven to be effective methods for generating client leads because it gives clients ease of access and virtually incurs no costs. Businesses can employ missed call solutions for various purposes like acquiring customer feedback, use them for marketing their campaigns and efficiently save their time!

What are Missed Call Solutions?

Missed call campaigns are an innovative method for businesses to increase customer engagement with specific projects, like surveying the client’s needs. When existing or prospective clients give a dial on the number as marketed by the company, it terminates after one ring and are then contacted through other mediums of communication. Missed call solutions then automate the communication via an agent’s call, an IVR message, a radio integration, an AI bot.

Why are Missed Call Solutions Important for a Business?

A missed call service can help businesses survey the market for better adaptability and competitive research, for conducting polls and surveys, all of which will ultimately result in higher client engagement and satisfaction. Here are a few reasons why a missed call alert service may be a great investment for your business:

  • Convenient integration of missed call service with your application or website with extensive API support from our missed call service providers at mTalkz
  • Automated call disconnect feature for prompt and easy use
  • Easy to adapt with toll-free and virtual mobile numbers. Missed call solutions work with landlines as well.
  • Instant acknowledgement SMS sent to client
  • Detailed reports that analyze response time in calling and performance on missed calls received by the business

How Can Missed Call Solutions Benefit My Business?

For your business, missed call solutions can replace human agents with technology to result in cost and time effectiveness. For example, when an individual gives a missed call on your designated number, the automation software feeds in its database the caller’s information like their number, service provider and pin code. It can be a great way for customers to inquire about existing promotional codes or an upcoming sale at the tip of a missed call, that too without costs! Here are a few ways how your business can benefit from missed call solutions:

  • Client registration and subscription: It is convenient for a prospect to register with your firm as a client with a missed call rather than a lengthy registration process. Or if an individual is not well informed about the registration process, they can give a missed call on the given number and receive a callback to guide them through the process. Subscription rates are shown to have been effectively increased by ten times with a missed call alert service.
  • Opt-in or opt-Out: Do you remember unsolicited emails in your inbox from brands advertising their products and services? After ignoring them for a long time, we finally hit the unsubscribe button. But businesses pestering a client after they are not interested is a wastage of their resources and does not bode well on the clients. Missed call solutions can help clients opt in and out of associating with your firm.
  • Wide range of access: Missed call solutions allow businesses to market and advertise their campaigns through all ranges of tele-communication technologies, which means that not only to smartphone users, but also cater to feature phones and landlines.
  • Cost-effective technology for customers: Unlike traditional ways of advertising for a campaign (like SMS integration or executive calls), missed call solutions are virtually free for clients since the numbers are usually toll free. This cost effectiveness shall increase in sales, and ultimately result in increased client satisfaction and greater prospects for the business.
  • Conduct polls for customers: Running a survey or poll has now become significantly convenient for businesses! Participant clients can simply give a missed call on the provided number if they are in agreement with the question asked.

At mTalkz, we understand that new age customers require smart associations with a business, and use technologies that effectively save their time from unnecessary communication that frustrates them. Missed call solutions are a perfect way for you to stay on top of all marketing trends and widen your reach to new prospective clients. Contact us for a free demo and consultation today.

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