Long Code SMS Service Provider in India

There are several ways to reach out to your customer, and choosing the right channel for your business is an important one. 

One of the most favoured and effective communication methods used by businesses is texting. And, one of the more popular texting services is the long code SMS service. Also known as a dedicated phone number or virtual mobile number, it is a reception mechanism that is used by companies to receive voice calls and messages. It is also a great way to promote your business, improve your response rates and build your consumer database. 

With mTalkz, you can combine our long code SMS service with our voice bulk SMS service, missed call service and WhatsApp business API service to provide you with the best, limitless experience as our customer. You can do it all with a single dedicated virtual number for your business. Our long code SMS service can be used for mobile verification systems, lead generation, opt-in database systems, mobile ticketing and SMS subscription activation. The information that you receive is gathered on the basis of the keyword request.  These services can also be used to receive feedback from your customers. 

Long code SMS service is an excellent way to communicate with your customers one-on-one. It is also beneficial if you are looking to set up a texting network for your employees and wish to keep a consistent number across different channels. 

MTalkz’s services are globally accessible and an excellent option for businesses that wish to target their customers without having to pay premium charges. They are also a perfect option for a closed group target audience like existing customers, vendors, dealers, salesforce, etc. You can also create real-time polls, surveys and promotions that can be marketed through SMS, calls and WhatsApp with the same virtual number. 

The mTalkz Long Code SMS Service for Various Industries

Combine the mTalkz Long Code SMS Service with Voice Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call service and Whatsapp Business API service to give limitless experience to your customers with a single dedicated virtual number for your venture.


Long Code SMS Service – FAQ


What is the difference between shortcode and long code SMS?

The answer to the question about SMS long code vs short code depends entirely on what you plan to use it for. Here is some basic information to help with the decision:

Short Code

  • Typically reserved for businesses
  • 5 to 6 digit numbers
  • Nation specific
  • Carriers nationwide check and approve keywords and short codes
  • Once pre-authorized, messages never blocked
  • Longer setup and deployment
  • Cannot send unless contacts personally opted in by sending keyword to short code
  • 135 characters max

Long Code

  • Typically reserved for person to person communication
  • 10 digit numbers
  • Nation-specific
  • Carriers assign at time of phone line purchase, don't use for business communications
  • Can block messages from mass sends or spam to protect SMS users
  • Short setup and deployment
  • Can be suspended for heavy traffic
  • Can be sent to anyone at any time (should be opted in anyway, may be subject to anti-spam laws)
  • 140 characters max
What is Short code SMS?
A short code is an easy-to-remember, 5 to 6-digit number used to send SMS or MMS messages. Customers text a keyword to this number to opt-in for messages.
If you own a pizza restaurant, for example, you may have customers text “CHEESE” to 35344 to receive discounts.
Sometimes known as dedicated short codes, you can get a randomly generated short code or select a custom vanity short code. For example, a spa may choose the custom code “73529” which spells out “RELAX.”
Their short, memorable nature comes with additional costs. Dedicated short codes are leased monthly starting at $1,000 per month and also require a one-time setup fee.
One last thing, a dedicated short code can take up to a few weeks to provision.
What is long code SMS?
An SMS long code is a standard, 10-digit number. Just like a short code, it can be used to send SMS messages.
Advantages of Long Codes 
With a long code, your company can use the same number to send SMS messages and place calls.
It can be helpful to establish a consistent channel for all forms of customer communication. Our business texting service even lets you text-enable an existing landline or VoIP line.
Plus, a message that comes from a standard, 10-digit number feels like it’s coming from a person, not a bot. That makes long codes perfect for providing a personalized customer service experience.
Disadvantages of Long Codes
With a long code, you can only send one message per second. Therefore long code text marketing does not work if you want to message groups of more than 200 people.
The other disadvantage of long codes is that they’re longer. This makes it more likely that a user may enter the number wrong on their phone.
When Should I Use a Short Code?
Short codes are a great SMS marketing tool for sending text blasts or mass text messaging campaigns. Other common uses include:
  • If you need to text thousands of people at once for emergency alerts.
  • If you’re hosting a Text to Win Sweepstakes.
  • If you want to poll your customers using Text to Vote Surveys.
When Should I Use a Long Code?
Even though there are a few disadvantages, a long code is still the right choice for many businesses looking to bring SMS into their communication strategy. Here are a few instances in which long code comes in handy:
  • If you want to communicate 1-on-1 with customers.
  • If you want to provide SMS customer service.
  • If you want to set up texting network for your internal staff.
  • If you want to keep your number consistent across all channels.