mTalkz mobility services offers a wide range of communication channels which include the different strategies for customer interaction and also inform them about their new services. 

SMS and Social Media Campaign

mTalkz offers direct marketing channels to the banking sector includes social media and SMS marketing where any bank can introduce the new or updated products direct to their existing customer in a customised format. This tool also provides rich media information where RCS is concerned about the upcoming market.

WhatsApp Business Services

This is also one of the prominent services in the current market where any banking sector can introduce and inform about the new services directed towards the WhatsApp Window of their existing customers also provide two-way communication with the help of BOT (WhatsApp chatbot) or through the live agent to enhance the customer knowledge. 

Voice Campaigns

Voice is also one of the direct marketing channels for the finch industry various new offers and schemes related to the personal loan & credit cards etc. launched through the voice ( OBD ) that can provide one to one specific information to the right audience vice versa if the audience have any query they can use inbound voice and missed call services as well.


While the above channels provide brief knowledge about the product wherever E-mail is the traditional tool which enables the descriptive information about any product in a depth manner with the help of rich media. 

Aside from the above services we also offer 2nd-factor authentication through voice which can be the robust backup of SMS services also our offerings include with affiliate marketing where a bank can promote their different product and services towards the specific database which directly help their lead generation and increase the customer base 


Marketers in the financial services world deal with unique challenges that many of their contemporaries in other industries worry much less about. In addition to extensive regulatory compliance concerns, developing buyer trust is critical for financial services marketing success.

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As a result, financial services marketing pros often play more of a long-term game to earn consumer trust and to position their firms as industry leaders who can be counted on when times are both good and bad.

After all, when you offer financial services to consumers or businesses, you are playing a role in their financial future. They have to trust you to work with you.