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Social media marketing is a recent phenomenon. Worldwide many companies are either not aware of the power of WhatsApp marketing or are not acquainted with the potential of this marketing platform. In India, very few selected companies have marketed their products through Whatsapp and these companies have reaped very rich dividends from the same. BJP is the only political party that exploited the potential of WhatsApp marketing in the last general elections and it secured a thumping majority in the parliament after 30 years. Now Congress and other political parties are hiring Bulk SMS service Providers like M Talkz to change their fortune in the next election.

Whatsapp has changed the way the public is communicating nowadays. In any public place, it is a common sight now to see the people being busy over their phones either chatting or browsing the net. This fact helps businesses to connect with their customers easily and at the speed of light. Almost 60 billion messages are being sent on WhatsApp daily. If your marketing messages are not included in these than it is obvious that your marketing strategy is not in tune with the new marketplace.

Whatsapp marketing is the use of features of WhatsApp mobile phone application to market products and services. Whatsapp is a mobile application that allows users to chat, call or make video calls over the internet for free. The application allows the user to share text, audio and video contents with multiple users. These features make it an ideal platform for marketing. Some good Bulk SMS Service providers in India are offering their services to help companies in WhatsApp marketing also. M Talkz has a prominent footprint in this area in Delhi NCR and is the leader in Bulk SMS and Whatsapp marketing.

Whatsapp marketing is growing like wildfire because of its unique features and the high quality of results delivered by it in the recent past. Some of the prominent features of Whatsapp marketing are enumerated in succeeding paragraphs.

Blue Ticks. The feature lets the marketer know about the number of persons who have read the marketing content instantly. No other marketing method can provide such instant feedback.

Multi-Media. A marketer has the option of choosing the form of marketing content on this platform. The message could be sent as text, audio file, video or combination of all.

Personalized Content. Whatsapp is a personalized social media platform. We can build long-lasting relationships through this platform with our customers. The platform has a characteristic that the user has full control over the access of his inbox thus the user owns the content part.

Two Way. Businesses can generate orders through WhatsApp for their products or can get instant feedback for the same. Since the communication is two way on WhatsApp the customers feel empowered while using the same.  This helps in generating more leads as also developing long-lasting brand loyalties.

High Opening Rate. Whatsapp has a very high opening rate of more than 70%. So no marketing effort goes in vain over this platform.

Real-Time Marketing Feedback. Whatsapp can be used as a research tool to get marketing feedback in real time and aids in assessing the potential of a campaign.

Group Discussion. Whatsapp can bring the customers, the marketers, developers, and suppliers on a common platform to seek and get real-time feedback. Products can be custom made for selected consumers.

Whatsapp is a great communication tool. More and more people are coming on WhatsApp. The number is increasing daily. Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Jio feel that data is the new oil of the modern economy. The modern economy will use data to grow.

So if you want your marketing to get more bang for the buck than you have no option but to use WhatsApp to market your products and increase your sales multiple times.

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