Transactional SMS is an automated service offered by a business in response to a financial event or a customer-initiated transaction activity. 75% of customers prefer businesses to contact them via transactional SMS, whether it be for financial transactions, general monetary cautions or any other information.

Transactional messaging in action can be seen quite well in banks. For instance, customers are sent transactional SMS when they make purchases or attempt to access their accounts online. These SMS are sent in the form of a caution confirming that the transaction was made by the customer. 

The Safest Route of SMS Marketing

End-to-end encryption ensures the confidentiality of your message when you utilise a secure service provider like Mtalkz to transmit transactional messages. Transactional bulk SMS is highly secure in nature. It assures no security infringement or malicious activity can occur during or post sending such messages to the targeted consumer. As the data moves between devices, all chats, including their text and any files or media, are encrypted. Encryption turns data into scrambled text, so privacy can be ensured. Transactional SMS is also utilised for various purposes, such as account activations, account balance notifications, booking confirmations, order confirmations, and real-time alerts, to streamline procedures.

Types of Transactional Messages 

Delivering crucial transactional information to the customers at the appropriate time is the primary goal of transactional bulk SMS. However, based on the purposes it fulfils, many types of transactional SMS exist.

  • Support Ticket Confirmation

Transactional SMS for support can benefit both the business support team and the customers by facilitating communication and informing both parties of status updates. For instance, businesses can text a customer who submits a new ticket to let them know that the business has received their request and will respond to them as soon as possible.

  • Informative Updates

Transactional bulk SMS enables businesses to deliver important details about the monetary transactions made by them. For instance, if a business runs an online store, it may use these messages to notify its customers of their payments or refund progress.

  • General Cautions

To improve customer service, send transactional message to the customers as alerts for specific financial actions. For instance, an excellent business-client relationship depends on the ability to keep the customers informed about important events, such as a financial transaction. 

Why are Transactional Messages Effective?

  • Time Sensitive

As transactional SMS are automated, they make it possible to transmit urgent information in real-time. As a result, SMS messages can be quickly sent in response to a set trigger without requiring any manual input. 

  • Personalisation

Transactional SMS is a lot more than just sending out monetary alerts; they aid in creating a trustworthy line of contact between companies and their customers by sending them personalised SMS. As a result, customers feel valued by receiving personalised text messages, further increasing customer loyalty. 

  • Relevant

Today, people seek services that can provide them with relevant and to-the-point information. Transactional bulk SMS do exactly this by sending all the relevant information about the customer’s financial transactions. 

Engage with the Customers via Mtalkz

Transactional SMS should be used by companies who prioritise enhancing the customer experience through sophisticated communication methods. Compared to other ways, transactional message is more efficient, quicker, dependable, and practical for connecting with the customers. Moreover, it offers a clearly defined strategy for client engagement that puts the business one step ahead of the competition; by adopting an effective transactional bulk SMS solution, a smart service provider like Mtalkz assists businesses in increasing client engagement and customer retention rates.