Sustaining lucid communication with clients can be a tough task for businesses. And especially for round-the-clock responses that require prompt interactions, relying entirely on human agents may not bear well for the organization either. As a result, many sectors across verticals are increasingly switching to marketing automation platforms for digital marketing. Marketing automation helps you to sustain all conversations and growth with your clients. Marketing automation as a tool enables businesses to cater to all marketing so they don’t have to send one-off emails every time they have to interact with the client. So when marketing automation is set up, its technology channels customized communication to clients (like reminder emails, product launch information, upcoming events and birthdays) while the workforce can efficiently work on the forefront of all business. It helps firms in marketing themselves as a brand with minimal human execution.

What Does Marketing Automation Do?

  • Helps in understanding client needs: The key to meet the supply of the client is to know the demand of the client. The New Epsilon research shows that 80%  of consumers are likely to make purchases from brands when they are offered personalised experiences. Clients appreciate personalisation and are motivated to make purchases from companies that treat them like individuals.
  • Increases time and resource efficiency: When a company wishes their client on the morning of their birthday, it gives an impression that the company is very thoughtful of their client. Automation allows businesses to send similar automated messages to their clients and as a result, optimise your engagement and marketing to keep your firm at the top of all trends.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

The entire process of automation relies on information stored in the company’s database. So every time a customer subscribes to your weekly newsletter emails or makes a purchase, the data they provide is used for automation purposes too. Among other holistic incorporations, you can also make use of cookies to understand client demand and demographics in order to respond intelligently to their online behavioural changes– this helps in storing data about their choices over the web. The data must include few essential pieces of information like:

  1. The body of the text that has to be sent and the tags that require further modification
  2. The category of contacts that require targeting: it could be segmented on the basis of gender, age or demographic, among others
  3. The criteria under which the automation must be triggered

Once this information is fed in the tool, marketing automation is executed and your engagement increases. If the campaigning meets all requirements for the prospect, you can then easily convert them into a client.

Essential Marketing Automation Tools for Your Business

At mTalkz, we believe that each satisfied client is in a way their brand ambassador, because they will keep the good word of the brand going in the market. Before choosing automation tools, it is important to make a strategic survey of the market and analyse your business goals.  These marketing automation tools can be of great help to your business:

  • Email automation: Whether it is to welcome a new client to the brand or remind a customer that they have abandoned some clothes in the cart without buying, automation can meet your email marketing needs. Once a prospective customer achieves the criteria of automation, sending them automated emails should begin.
  • Scheduling: Stay ahead on marketing campaign calendars with automation softwares. The technology lets you automate your marketing events (like a fair discount on Women’s Day or festive/annual sales) so that customers receive the campaign features without the business working till the 11th hour. 
  • Retargeting prospects: For various reasons, it is but natural for people to first browse through websites or apps without buying without what could be termed as digital window shopping. Businesses can automate their emails and advertisements towards such prospective customers and schedule to remind them of the features and brilliance of your brand. A gentle reminder can go a long way in bringing more clients to your business.

Embark Your Marketing Automation Journey With Us

Creating a loyal customer base requires a rich culture that cultivates both ways, but it must initiate from the brand’s end. And marketing automation can effectively reduce the effort that goes into their sustenance. At Mtalkz, our software automation solutions are easy to set up, convenient, and tailored to meet your business goals. Visit our website to request for a consultation.