In layman’s language, Text Message or SMS messages service is a fundamental component found in smartphones, the web and even in mobile communication systems. It dates back to the 1980s when the European Standard Institute’s (ETSI) Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) group pioneered this technology. It allows the users to send and receive messages of up to 160 alphanumeric characters in length.

What is a Short Message Service (SMS)?

More commonly known as “SMS“, this short message service is used in both — all sorts of short messaging and for user activity in almost every part of the world. Though people most commonly use text message services between friends, family and co-workers, these SMS messages can serve a greater purpose. There are subscription SMS services that can be used to transmit weather, sports, news, or even stock updates to the user’s phones. SMS can also alarm the employees regarding their salaries or bank account activities. One of the best uses of this technology is when doctors receive SMS about their patients’ health or even some emergencies. 

The good part is that the recipient’s phone is not required to successfully transmit the text messages sent through SMS. The SMS service holds the message until the recipient turns on their phone. At this point, the message is sent to the recipient’s phone. Most smartphone companies allow you to send a specific number of text messages every month without any charge. Though it is better to find out what that number is before you go text message crazy.

​​SMS for Business

SMS communication can support organisations and enterprises in multiple ways, which are as follows:

  • High open rates: It is known that 98% of the SMS transferred are opened to read or get rid of the constant notification, making this type of marketing service a boon to all businesses seeking fast and effective customer service.
  • Cost-effective: Bulk SMS service providers offer Bulk SMS options via SMS API or their platform, allowing businesses to reach out to numerous customers in just a few easy steps. Compared to other types of communication marketing like television ads, billboards, mobile advertisements, or magazines, SMS marketing is most budget-friendly. 
  • Greater Conversion Rate: SMS still observes a better conversion rate than all its new-age equivalents. Customers are more likely to visit your business webpage link and take action on promotions or offers shared through SMS than via any other marketing service. 
  • Wider Reach: Businesses can utilise SMS marketing that presents the opportunity to reach customers right at their fingertips, giving them the advantage of reaching a larger target audience.

Other than all of the above, companies can use SMS marketing services to announce an ongoing sale, offers, provide discount coupons, notify customers about a new store opening nearby, send appointment reminders/alerts, order status for online shoppers, and so much more! mTalkz, one of India’s leading Bulk SMS service providers, enables businesses to communicate with customers in real-time and enable data-driven campaigns to provide better clarity for future campaigns. mTalkz is your best bet for a rapid rise in sales and boosted customer satisfaction with intelligent SMS marketing campaigns. Moreover, it extends a user-friendly interface that everyone can efficiently operate. As a result, you can ensure better customer relationships, smooth customer experience, increased satisfaction, and reliability with Mtalkz.