How to Set Auto Reply in WhatsApp

1. Accessing Settings

- Launch the WhatsApp Business app.

- Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chat window.

- Navigate to Settings -> Business Settings -> Away Message.

2. Activating the ‘Send Away Message’ Feature

Toggle the switch next to ‘Send away message’ to activate it.

3. Customising Your Away Message

- Tap on the message field and input the customised away message you wish to communicate to your customers.

- Confirm your message by tapping ‘Ok.’

4. Scheduling Your Away Message

Configure the schedule for your away message based on your preferences:

- Always Send: Ideal for extended periods when you are unavailable, such as during vacations.

- Custom Schedule: Allows you to send automated messages during specific times of the day.

- Outside of Business Hours: Sends automated responses outside your defined business hours. (Remember to set your business hours in your WhatsApp Business profile.)

5. Selecting Recipients

Choose the recipients for your away message based on your business needs:

- Everyone: Send automated messages to anyone who contacts you after business hours.

- Everyone Not in Your Address Book: Reach out to numbers not in your contacts list.

- Everyone Except: Exclude specific contacts from receiving auto-replies.

- Only Send to: Send messages to specific selected contacts.

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