How to Send Email to Text

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Send Email to Text in Just 3 Steps

1. Identify the SMS Gateway for the Carrier of your Receiver

The email address businesses put in the ‘To’ field when sending a text message is made up of the recipient’s phone number and the carrier’s SMS or MMS gateway domain. The email address is, for instance, if the phone number is 123-456-7890 and Airtel is the service provider.

2. Compose Business Messages

Businesses need to prepare the recipient’s email address before they can begin to construct the message. Remember that whether an SMS or MMS is sent depends on the message’s length and any attachments.

3. Send Email to SMS

Businesses can send texts from their email, and the recipient will see that as the sender’s email address. Customers can experience the authenticity of the company in this way, and the relationship between the company and its clients is strengthened.

Boost Business Efficiency with Email to Text 

Reach More Customers

Some clients don’t want to receive another sales email in their mailbox. Others would detest having their phone buzz with a text from a business they had previously engaged with.. The easiest method to ensure that every customer is delighted with a campaign is to track open and response rates before segmenting your audience based on messaging preferences.

Quick Responses

SMS messages encourage quick responses, which makes them a perfect addition to time-sensitive or otherwise significant email campaigns. Every year, the likelihood that someone will read an email on their phone increases, but this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll see it or take action immediately.

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