The digital times have fundamentally altered audiences’ perceptions of brand communication, cost, product information, speed, and service. Therefore, it has provided marketers with a robust new way to create value, engage customers, and build customer relationships. Because user attention is divided over many diverse communication channels, if a business wants to optimise its chances of engaging with and reaching its audience, it makes sense to use different messaging techniques and employ different channels. While formulating a marketing strategy that takes account of two or more marketing channels, it makes sense to look for possibilities for those channels to run together consistently. Two channels that have the potential to deliver superior results when used in combination are Email and SMS marketing.

Combining Email and SMS Marketing to Engage Your Customers

The two-fold object of marketing is to draw potential customers by promising greater value and keeping and growing the existing customer base by delivering the promised value and satisfaction. For this strategy, bulk Email marketing services and SMS marketing work harmoniously to create value for customers and gain value from clients in return. Here are the critical cases to confirm that Email and SMS marketing together is an excellent platform:

  • Cross-promote Campaigns

Marketing campaigns don’t need to be just email or just SMS; they can be both. For example, cross-channel promotional messages regarding offers, discounts can reach a highly targeted audience by sending a concise and direct Bulk SMS service to subscribers and a more detailed email message to your list, including a CTA directing readers to the intended landing page. You can send a short message informing prospects what to expect from a forthcoming email message with SMS. The best thing about this strategy is that you can use more words and content than your email subject line would permit, yet, as long as there’s no need to scroll down, most receivers will just instinctually read it anyway. 

  • Complementary Insights

Bulk SMS service and bulk Email marketing services are both very straightforward response-focused channels. One relevant aspect of these channels is that they naturally present themselves to efficient performance analysis. From a tracking viewpoint, each channel also delivers several common or very similar metrics that can examine and even combine results to render a clear picture of a campaign’s success (clicks/engagements with links, messages delivery rate, open rates, unsubscribes and even spam entries). Beyond such metrics, the way that SMS and email lists can be assorted into well-defined target audience groups makes it easier to closely assess performance and return on investment (ROI) at a general level. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

When it comes to SMS and Bulk Email marketing services, the prices are largely set at a reasonably fixed rate, so you know that if you want to reach out to a list of a thousand email addresses or phone numbers, that cost is accurately and efficiently defined in advance. The ultimate audience’s size depends on both the variable cost and the total budget of the media. It also makes it sensible to utilise both channels together in a marketing strategy where the goal is to maximise reach, engagement and eventually outcomes at a moderate and very controllable cost.

  • Secure Customer Relationships

Implementing Email and SMS marketing strategies together can do wonders for a brand. You can use bulk SMS service to increase customer conversion and profit customer commitment and email to build customer relationships. Email and SMS marketing can check and maintain updated subscribers’ phone numbers and email addresses.

Getting Started

Businesses need to send messages where and how their customers wish to receive them to stay on top. That’s why leveraging a communications strategy that employs both SMS and email is critical for any business wanting to engage its users. To build a lasting relationship to keep customers satisfied, try Mtalkz, a customer-centric service provider, for greater revenue and higher customer satisfaction. Mtalkz lets your business reach, inform, and market to your consumers seamlessly. Partner with Mtalkz today to enhance your business the smart way with bulk Email marketing service & Bulk SMS service packages.