Mtalkz drove 2X User Retention and 60% Increase In Customer Engagement for a Fintech Company

About the Industry

The banking sector in India has seen steady growth in recent years, with an increasing number of branches, ATMs and customer base. The banking sector in India is also witnessing a rapid increase in digitalization with increasing use of technology, internet and mobile banking services.

About the Client

It is a co-operative bank based in Indore, MP helping thousands of rural underpaid workers/farmers by providing them banking facilities at competitive rates. The main objective is to cater the saving & credit needs of all co-operative societies and the general public in the rural region of MP. The Bank provides a range of banking services including, deposit accounts, loan products, and other financial services. To provide seamless experience to their customers they choose Mtalkz SMS Solutions to shoot transactional message alerts.


Providing a seamless experience to customers is a key challenge for the client, especially when it comes to transactional SMS services. One of the main challenges is limited technology infrastructure. They may not have the necessary infrastructure in place to effectively implement and scale transactional SMS services. This can lead to difficulties in providing timely and relevant information to customers, which can negatively impact customer engagement and satisfaction.


Increase In customer engagement with personalized SMS solutions


Increase in revenue due to enhanced customer engagement and retention


Fall in customer complaints, as customers are updated timely


To address the challenges of providing a seamless experience to customers, they implemented the use of Mtalkz SMS solutions for one-way communication with their customers. This allowed the bank to send out bulk SMS messages to their customers, keeping them informed about account updates, loan status and other important information. The SMS solution also provided the Bank with an easy-to-use interface for managing contacts and scheduling messages, making the communication process more efficient and effective. This helped them to stand out in the highly competitive banking industry by providing timely and relevant information to their customers and keeping them engaged with the bank's services through transactional SMS.


The implementation of Mtalkz SMS solutions proved to be a success for the client. Over the course of 1.5 years, the bank was able to send out an average of 12K SMS messages per month to their customers, keeping them updated about account updates, loan status and other important information. This resulted in an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction with the bank's services. The SMS solution also helped the bank save time and resources, as they no longer had to manually send out messages to their customers. With an overall of 10 lakh SMS sent, the bank was able to improve customer's experience significantly.

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