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Build Stronger Customer Ties With Truecaller ​

Leverage the secure messaging platform for strengthening customer relationships with safe and private communication.

Increase brand identity and build customer trust

Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID allows businesses to create a branded identity on Truecaller, making it easier for users to identify and trust the business calling them. This helps businesses improve their credibility and brand image, leading to better customer engagement and retention. By verifying their caller ID, businesses also protect themselves against identity theft and phishing scams that could harm their reputation and financial well-being. This can save them time and money that would otherwise be spent on damage control and recovery.

Truecaller features that Improve Call pick up rates and drive revenues

Highlight your brand and logo on every call with a verified badge and green tick mark and enhance your credibility and visibility of your brand. 

Display the ‘Call Reason’ to the screen when the phone rings, it helps to reduce the recipient’s hesitation to pick up, improve communication, and enhance the security of conversations.

Get invaluable insights about your consumer behaviour through different performance metrics, allowing you to adjust campaigns based on the data.   

Find out what your customers are thinking by tracking pick up times, decline times, screen hold times, etc.

Provide a rating feature at the end of every interaction to allow your customers to rate your business or service.

Use the same platform to collect customer reviews, increase the likelihood of customer responses and centralise the data in one place. 

Uplift your calling ROI with ‘Call Me Back’ feature, reduce your call centre costs and save time and resources. 

500 Million+ 

App Installations 

300 Million + 

Active users globally

Addresses the challenges of

 CPaaS and OTT solutions

Unmatched capabilities can set you apart from the competition

Powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance calling experience and
build trust with their customers.

How Truecaller Works for Your Brand -

  1. Help your customers differentiate genuine calls from scams.

  2. Improves customer confidence by communicating even before your call is picked up.

  3. Priority Caller ID given exclusively for calls made by businesses that are extremely important for the end user & is time sensitive

  4. Flexible subscription plans according to your volume needs that saves costs and ensures that you only pay for what you need