Truecaller is one of the top global platforms for authenticating contacts and preventing unwanted communication. With 300 Million monthly active users, Truecaller’s verified businesses offer cutting-edge messaging capabilities.

Truecaller business messaging seeks to engage companies in connecting with their customers by providing them with relevant communications that feature rich media and interesting content. Unlike standard SMS services, business messages offer many advantages for businesses like – 

  • Lower rates
  • Faster deliveries
  • Lower rates
  • Superior  analytics
  • Higher Security  
  • Conversation messaging with rich media 

This blog highlights how Truecaller, with its latest business messaging, aids in business growth and demystifies CPaaS solutions for them.

CPaaS – The Tech for the Future Trends 

CPaaS, or communications platform as a service, has seen amazing growth in recent years and is anticipated to grow even higher. The 2021 CPaaS Future Market Outlook from Juniper Research predicts that CPaaS technology will be widely used and earn more than $10 billion in revenue by 2022 as opposed to $8.6 billion in 2021, which is a considerable gain of 17% year-over-year.

By adding Truecaller to the value bundle, it will help in increasing customer trust. Truecaller verified ID makes it possible for people to have secure and pertinent conversations, hence making businesses engage with customers effectively. 

Chatbots and Customer Service

WhatsApp Business APIs and WhatsApp chatbots are the two most widely used services  under CPaaS. Self-service chatbots are already being used by businesses to provide straightforward answers through conversational interfaces. Text-based marketing, call-based assistance, and video-based help are all possible with CPaaS and can all be combined into one application. Customers never need to leave the app in order to make a request or contact customer service. Because everything is connected at the backend, gathering consumer information for the customer support representative becomes quicker and more effective. They are already aware of the potential issue and the buyer’s prior communication history when a buyer contacts them. They might address the problem immediately away, vastly increasing the client experience.

Integrated Marketing Communications 

CPaaS links many communication channels for smoother communications. As a result of the connections across all types of communication, marketers can better segment their target audiences. Even if a user’s purchasing habits are the same, it might send them different types of reminders based on their usage patterns. For instance, using a communication API, an sms or a voice message can be delivered to a large set of population using mobile devices. Email is the main method of contact for desktop users at the same time.

Mobile Payments and (Two-factor) Authentication

For two-factor authentication, communication APIs can be incorporated into a mobile application, giving users an additional level of security. Utilising OTPs (one-time passwords), businesses can use CPaaS to validate user identity and reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activity. With the help of CPaaS, two-factor authentication may be used for mobile banking, password resets, and app authentication. In fact, offering a flawless mobile payment experience can be a key point of differentiation for fintech companies. Frictionless payments can help even small firms and drastically increase conversion rates.

Truecaller and CPaaS – The Secret for Growth

Users on Truecaller App can access a unique digital experience with the business messaging feature offered by companies via a safe, dependable, and user-friendly platform.

Truecaller business messaging is seeing good momentum as a result of the marquee customers they have already signed up for their early access programme, including well-known private banks, DTH providers, retail outlets, etc., and who have shown a desire to work with them on this venture. All customer-facing businesses, including banking, e-commerce, travel, retail, and other digital services, can benefit from the solution. Mtalkz, a leading  cloud communication platform provider, is officially ready to offer Truecaller verified business services to enterprises and businesses looking to make a difference in customer experience.. Mtalkz offers the most recent CPaaS solutions for every company area, including AI, chatbots, WhatsApp Business API, Truecaller, IVR and two-factor authentication.

Learn more and join the new stream of messaging.