In this fastly growing digital world, every mobile phone user receives 20–30 messages every day, on an average,  from multiple unknown companies. Additionally, customers get at least 2-4 calls every day from companies they may consider spam. On receiving such calls, users are unsure of whether the businesses contacting them are sincere, relevant, or important to them. Due to the unknown nature of the caller, 87% of calls from unknown sources are answered and terminated in less than a minute.

In order to combat unsolicited calls and unknown callers, Truecaller App is now available for business messaging. Truecaller is one of the most popular platforms in the world for caller authentication and spam reduction. Verified business on Truecaller provides cutting-edge texting capabilities with over 300 Million monthly active users globally. By sending customers relevant communications with rich engaging media and content, Truecaller’s business messaging aims to encourage businesses to develop a secured channel of communication for clients. 

In the present era, customer relationship management has developed into a business activity that necessitates utmost special care. Nowadays, calling, messaging operations and reaching out to potential clients are exciting for businesses.

Let’s read the blog ahead to know how Truecaller business messaging helps in uplifting businesses and building successful customer relationships.

Why Truecaller is the No. 1 Choice

With the use of a green verified company badge that precisely displays the name, picture, and logo of the corporation, the Truecaller business messaging solution enables enterprises to authenticate their identities. Additionally, it enables companies to increase the effectiveness of their communications while enhancing the call-pickup rates for genuine and crucial calls.

Benefits of Truecaller Business Messaging

There are several benefits of Truecaller messaging that enhance the credibility of the enterprises, such as: 

  • Improves Call Pickup Ratios

Call pickup rates increase when clients can recognise that the business calls are legitimate and not spam. Due to Truecaller Verified ID components, businesses are able to showcase their verification and authenticity. Businesses also have access to detailed information about call analytics, listed numbers, and spam assistance to help them spot calling patterns and gain useful insights to increase call pickups.

  • Builds Brand Authenticity

Businesses can boost their visibility, brand identification, and brand credibility by using Truecaller verified ID. The GREEN highlight, Truecaller confirmed badge, and correct specifications will give your company a fair opportunity to reach out to users who might be interested in your services. 

  • Enhances Customer Engagement

Customers can recognise your business calls as legitimate and not spam owing to Truecaller Verified ID elements. This, in turn, will increase call pickup rates. Apart from that, another feature of Truecaller is to define the purpose of the call. By letting your clients know, even before the call is answered, why businesses are calling (Spam offers or genuine interaction), the ‘Call Reason’ feature helps you increase customer confidence. This further leads to enhanced customer engagement.

  • Wins Over Customer Trust

Truecaller business messaging promotes identity and helps remove the anonymity element, and its business messaging feature enables organisations to prominently display their brand name and logo on callers’ screens. By using the verified sign provided to them on Truecaller business messaging, registered businesses are able to stop counterfeiters from using their names incorrectly. The customer is more likely to trust you as a result.

Mtalkz is Officially Offering Truecaller Business Messaging for Enterprises

Trust between consumers and businesses is crucial for brand development. Being labelled as a spam caller is one of the scenarios that could impact a brand’s reputation, customer service division, outbound advertising, business revenues, growth, etc. However, with innovations like Truecaller messaging for business, the impact of such incidents can be considerably diminished. Truecaller offers you the most secure channel in the world for communication. Start with Truecaller messaging today to revolutionise your customer engagement. 

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