Customer relationship management has become a business activity in the modern era that requires extra care. Businesses now find it intriguing to carry out their calling operations or reach out to their target customers.

Every day, every mobile phone user receives 10-20 messages on an average from unknown businesses. Furthermore, users receive at least 2-4 calls from businesses that they might consider spam. For users, they are not sure whether the companies attempting to contact them are sincere, pertinent, or significant to them. 87% of calls from unknown numbers are answered and ended within a few seconds of interactions because the caller was not known to the user. 

Meanwhile, some opportunistic calls might get missed by users since they ignore them as spam. A real problem is when companies struggle to stand out in a sea of spam callers and users miss on the important and relevant calls. As a result, both consumers and businesses miss out on chances for sincere commercial interactions. 

In this blog, let’s discuss the possible solution that creates a win-win for both users and businesses that help them to scale and expand. 

Introducing Truecaller Business Messaging 

Businesses can easily solve the problem of spam calls by getting identified as a verified business and assuring the user of its legitimacy. In order to let users know who is calling / messaging them, Truecaller Verification ID gives businesses a verified identification badge. Even while it might seem like a visual identity could be faked, the Truecaller verified badge is obtained through a process and cannot be faked. This is how companies can stand out from the sea of callers and create a dependable and trustworthy telephone contact channel. Mtalkz offers businesses of all sizes its premium Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution exclusively to protect clients from unwanted attacks by spammers and fraudsters.

Exclusive Features of Truecaller for Business

With the help of Truecaller’s major features, a company can carefully craft a brand identity that attracts the right users without diluting its reputation.

1. Enable Priority Calling

Sometimes the call is critical, but because of all the spam calls we receive, we frequently miss the important ones. As a result, with this feature, the caller can mark a call as time-sensitive. The recipient would be aware that the call is urgent or significant in some other way in advance.

2. Designated Industry Vertical

The application allows companies to declare their vertical in addition to their name and logo, further enhancing user clarity. As a consequence, everyone has the opportunity to bring that to the audience’s attention, no matter whether it’s a bank, a car manufacturer, a real estate company, insurance service, or are an edutech provider. 

3.Visually Prominent Identity

Truecaller drives identity and  assists in eliminating the anonymity factor, Truecaller business messaging allows the business to clearly display the name of the brand and logo across the user screen while calling them.

4. No Opt-in or DLT Registration Required 

With Truecaller messaging, businesses do not need DLT registration or template whitelisting. Businesses can get a verification badge by just following the hierarchy of processes by contacting Mtalkz.

Protect Brand Identity with Verified Badge

The verified symbol given to registered businesses on Truecaller business messaging enables them to prevent imposters from misusing their brand name.

1. Convey Call Reason

Each aspect of this application is equally important, but the call reason feature will revolutionise how companies and customers communicate. With this function, the customer can see the caller’s intent before answering the phone because it appears on the screen beneath the caller ID. This makes room for the parties to develop trust in one another.

2. Detailed Insights and Analytics

Truecaller messaging for business is a complete calling process improvement tool for organisations, not just a list of approved companies. A business can strengthen the campaign’s weak points using the insights gathered from the dashboard.

Drive Business Goals with Truecaller for Business

Brand development relies heavily on consumer and business trust. Years of effort that go into creating a picture can be destroyed if this trust is violated for any reason. One of the situations that might harm a brand’s reputation, customer care department, outbound advertising, etc., is being flagged as a spam caller.

However, the impact of such occurrences can be significantly reduced by technologies like Truecaller messaging for Business. It is no longer considered a separate form of communication to use the Internet and a cellular phone. It is imperative for corporations to manage their reputation on all platforms and Truecaller is a big step in this direction. 

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