The emergence of FinTech has become a game-changer for many financial corporations across the globe. The principal aim of FinTech is to make financial services more approachable for businesses and customers. In addition, the FinTech industry is quickly progressing towards FinTech automation as an origin of efficiency. 

Why does FinTech need Marketing Automation?

With employees and teams no longer able to work collectively in office spaces, the call for embracing technology in the Finance market has never been so pressing. Corporations and Financial Institutions have utilised emerging technologies to cope with the dilemmas that the past years presented to them. The latest technologies have supported them in responding well to changing work conditions and bringing flexibility and agility into business preparations. The years ahead will advance to see a growth in adopting technologies for building sustainable financial services. Furthermore, consumers are becoming increasingly digitally savvy. Be it a cab-service brand, retail brand, or FinTech company, customers expect an almost consistent and user-friendly experience from all such businesses. This is where the marketing automation for FinTech comes into play. 

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Advantages of Utilising Marketing Automation for the FinTech Industry

Marketing automation in FinTech holds the answer to business efficiency in the long term. And, finance firms also need to adopt solutions that help operate dynamic markets. So let’s see how marketing automation tools for FinTech benefits by increasing productivity and overcoming daily challenges:

  • Improves Lead Generation and Reduces Delays

One of the advantages for FinTech firms using marketing automation platforms is the result of lead nurturing and lead generation. Qualifying leads, follow-ups & sharing relevant content with them, notifying other teams when leads meet specific criteria or levels of readiness to buy are all standard processes that can be automated. And these are all operations that can be made much more strategic, efficient and sophisticated, reducing human errors and setbacks in the lead nurturing.

  • Time-Saving

Setting up marketing automation platforms for Fintech businesses can be time-consuming at first, but a significant return on investment (ROI) is ongoing once completed. For example, you could plan a whole month’s worth of social media copies and schedule them respectively, meaning you wouldn’t have to post each day across multiple platforms. In addition, marketing automation tools save time in many aspects of marketing and sales, including email marketing, reporting, workflows, lead qualification, and much more, relieving your time to focus on growth strategies and creative projects.

  • Enhanced Data for Optimising Processes

Marketing automation platforms provide valuable data to encourage marketers to optimise campaigns, processes, and content. Automation gives you insights into how people engage with your content, their browsing and buying behaviours, which platforms perform best, etc. Over time with all the information being assembled, you’ll be able to polish your marketing efforts and deliver better results as you better understand the needs of your prospects.

  • Effective Tracking

Marketing automation tools can track communications across all touchpoints and channels, be it opening an email or clicking an SMS link or other customer behaviour such as downloading content from your website, starting an account, or visiting some web pages. The tracking helps determine who to contact and what sequence and cadence of communication are the most successful.


Conducting marketing automation for your FinTech companies can truly transform the resolution of your lead generation, conversions and entire marketing and sales pursuits. Choosing the right marketing automation tools and thoroughly embracing the purpose of marketing automation is essential, though. For a one-size-fits-all solution, partnering with an experienced marketing automation services provider with proven experience and ready-to-use fintech customised strategies and tools is a sure-fire way to success. Mtalkz provides the best marketing automation platform to their clients by working, discovering, and evaluating their customers and sales. The expertise of Mtalkz personalised services they offer, the company’s values – the client comes first & strive for excellence, and the 24*7 customer service makes them the most preferred partner.

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