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Retarget your audience and increase the ROI on your campaigns with our platforms. Send short links in the message or e mails and track the information like the end users mobile numbers who have clicked on the link, track their location, time, handset and browser. After tracking the said information segment the data accordingly and retarget again with more refined audience.

Two-way Call Conferencing

If you are company handling a large field salesforce then this a solution for you. Now you can get your end user and delivery person connected on call without sharing their number with each other and thus giving a sense of safety and privacy to your end user. In case of cab services now end user can call the driver by just clicking on click to call option on the app, the call will land up on our servers and then call will be patched with the driver. Same holds true in case of food delivery industry, salon at home, repair services at homeand many more.


Provide a conversational experience to your business visitors on website or app.Integrate our logic and AI enabled chatbot with your internal CRM, ERP, HRMS, Billing, CMS and ticketing systems.Your bot will be powered from wherever your business needs to be and then it can be an Voice, SMS, email, or other call to actions across your digital presence.You will be able to trigger the BOT from any of these inputs. If you are looking for a long term and reliable solution foryour CHATBOT we are here to help.

Progressive Web App

Make mobility based workflows on the fly, collaborate and communicate over various channels. This is an advanced solution for both promotional and transactional marketing.PWA enables you to initiate a user interaction through any channel and then guide the user behavior through a series of options presented instantly to his mobile in a graphic fashion.This removes the friction in experience and enquiry drop when you redirect the user to your website.Through our PWA platform, present your visitors with option to register, get more information, locate your store, sign up for service, select a product and check out etc.You name the functionality on your website and we will bring it to the PWA and voila!! serving of content is almost instant, thereby tremendously increasing your retention and conversions.You will have deep analytics for further consideration, we can even drop session information to your systems.

IVR Hosting

Our platforms now provide hosted solutions for your inbound and outbound calling. CLI integration for both inbound and outbound calls. Easy setup with 10 digit mobile numbers and or 1800 numbers.

Audio Conferencing

Now have dedicated conferencing solutions for your teams to connect and conduct business on the fly.Enterprise grade conferencing platform with multi geography reach.

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Chatbots are programs powered by logic and/or AI to converse with customers (and other stakeholders) using an
interactive interface. They can be leveraged for a wide variety of objectives. Be it functional or pure fun and engagement.

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Lead Capture

A chat widget on the landing page to qualify and capture a lead. The flow could capture user details and ask product specific questions. This can be used across industries.

Buy & Sell

With the help of chatbots, allow your users to search, compare and buy the products of their choice.

User Profile Management

A user can create an account using a chatbot. A user can register, add details to his account or edit current information, in a hassle-free way.

Calculate & Decide

Be it calculating EMI, MRV of a used car or premium for an insurance policy, the chatbot can make this process interactive and execute it within the chat flow.

Schedule & Remind

Help your users to book appointments and set reminders for the same. You can also send alerts like due bills and renewals.

Notification & Alerts

Users can get alerts on offer of the day/week/month or any prevailing offer. He can get premium payment notifications.


The user can chat and find answers to questions. Information which otherwise users don’t browse (or find it difficult) through on websites, will now be accessible in an interactive format.

Customer Support

First line customer support can be provided with a chatbot thereby increasing the number of queries solved. Customer satisfaction increases drastically.


A user can reach out to the brand to share his thoughts, give feedback and make suggestions basis his or her experience. CSAT, NPS and CES can be measured with the help of a chatbot.


Agencies and brands can now help their users to claim their loyalty and reward points. Help users identify the best deals where they can use their points, in doing so, push sales for their clients.

Promotion & Tips

Any new offers or campaigns that a brand comes up with can be promoted with the help of a chatbot.


Make it easy for your users to track. Be it what they have ordered, or documents that you have dispatched. Users can check the status over chat and can be sent alerts accordingly.

A/B Testing & Research

A change, big or small in the product needs research and testing. Specific A/B and multivariate testing chat flows make it possible for the brands to take user inputs before they introduce the change to public at large.

Employee Engagement

Manage several aspects of employees life cycle with the help of chatbots. Be it on-boarding, leave management, reimbursements or trainings, chatbots can be leveraged to streamline multiple such processes.

Refund and Claim

Seeking refunds will become extremely easy with the help of chatbots. Also, claiming insurance and dues will be easier when tied to a validation over chat.