SMS marketing is used by businesses to inform, update, notify, acquire, engage and retain customers. In addition to this, businesses allow customers to transact with them through SMS and build relationships with them for a lifetime.

A promotional bulk SMS messaging service allows businesses to take advantage of SMS marketing’s enormous potential. A promotional SMS can help boost sales and client engagement. A recent survey suggested that 64% of customers believe that businesses must contact them through SMS more frequently.

SMS messaging is faster, and it helps to reach and connect with millions of people very easily. SMS campaigns provide a way for businesses to engage with clients directly and immediately grab their attention, from executing successful flash sales with discounts to developing a loyalty programme for new customers.

Promotional Messaging: Key to the Door of Success

SMS marketing includes promotional SMS. One of the best ways to get in touch with customers directly is through text message marketing. The statistics that 75% of consumers want to receive SMS with special offers suggest the importance and need of SMS.

  • How Promotional Messaging Works

Businesses utilise promotional SMS messages as a tool to communicate with clients in a personalised way for marketing and advertising initiatives. Each message aims to persuade the recipient to click a link or button within, taking them to a website where they can subsequently buy the advertised product. Or this message offers some kind of incentive and urgency to take action now. In addition, businesses utilise promotional SMS messages to promote their goods and events, frequently including special offers and discounts to pique customer interest and increase conversion rates.

  • How it Spreads Awareness to Users

SMS engages the current customer base and attracts new ones to the business brand. With the help of shareable offers, they may leverage word-of-mouth marketing, a potent weapon for advertising. Customers are more likely to recommend a business to their friends, family, and coworkers if firms provide them with something valuable. In this way, the brand becomes more well-known.

  • How Users Respond to Promotional Messages 

Since a majority of people carry their phones with them, SMS marketing has the best possibility of reaching every single customer. . Direct-messaging marketing via SMS has some of the highest open and response rates. In less than 15 minutes, about 97% of SMS messages are opened and read. Opening SMS messages is simpler than ignoring them.

  • How Promotional Messages Avoid Spam

Most promotional messages work on the customer’s preference; hence, spam messages are avoided in the case of promotional messages. If the customer still receives promotional messages for an unwanted product or service, they can register in the DNC or filter the messages to receive messages only from known contacts. . This will alert the service provider that the customer is not interested in the service. 

Use Cases of Promotional Messaging

  • Mobile Coupons

Directly sending discounts to customers’ phones is a fantastic approach to swiftly convert messaging into actions. In the past few months, 79% of smartphone users completed an online transaction using their devices. 

  • Sales Event

Sales and clearance events are other occasions that customers should be aware of. To generate customer interest, the sales alerts must specify what is on sale, for how long, and at what prices. Priming business customers with texts before a larger scale, such as an annual or semi-annual event, can also assist in creating anticipation.

  • Flash Sale

A flash sale is a particular kind of marketing that lasts for a brief period and typically highlights a specific commodity or service. A limited number of things available for purchase is another characteristic of flash sales. Flash sales are excellent for removing unwanted items that might be out of style. They could also be a fun approach to bring additional or different visitors to the business website.

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An SMS API platform is the greatest tool for sending promotional bulk SMS messages. Through their website, platform, or application, SMS APIs enable the companies to send and receive SMS messages. They can also handle most of the time-consuming tasks associated with their companies and SMS needs. They also provide integration with various other ERP and CRM software.

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