Online brands are always on the lookout for practices to stand out from the competition, increase customer loyalty and keep their customers happy. Many are well aware that personalisation is the key ingredient to achieving all of this effectively. 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalised experiences. Not to forget that the opposite is also true. When brands fail to deliver personalised experiences, customers are likely to want to choose a competitor that does a better job at tailoring their experiences. Product and pricing may affect the conversions, but it’s the positive customer experience that brings in the big bucks. 

Why is Personalisation Important in E-commerce?

By foreseeing the customer’s needs before they have to express them, brands can drive loyalty and improve their CX. However, there are many more benefits to leveraging personalisation in E-commerce. Here are the top 5 reasons – 

  • Better Sales Conversions

E-commerce personalisation can increase conversion rates by showing customers exactly what they’re looking for before buying. By using tactics such as product recommendations in SMS when a customer is about to checkout, brands can list down products that specific groups of customers are more likely to purchase, increasing conversion rates for products that may not be popular with all of their customers.

  • Increased Customer Loyalty 

By showing that you consistently know what is expected of your brand and how to provide the experiences customers want, they are more likely to show their loyalty and continue shopping with your brand instead of the competition.

  • Improved Brand Engagement

If you know where customers wish to shop and what type of products they are more likely to buy, you can improve engagement and how they choose to interact with your brand. Personalisation draws customers to wish to interact with your brand because you exhibit the products they enjoy seeing in the way they want to see them.

  • Enriched Customer Experience

Personalisation delivers an enhanced customer experience, helping your brand cater to customer needs and making their time shopping with your brand more pleasant. Through personalisation, you can recognise customer preferences and direct them exactly where they need to go from the first time they enter your online store. Showcasing the products they want to see, storing their payment information for quick access and sending updates on upcoming promotions that they will be most curious about are just some of the ways personalisation enhances the customer experience.

  • Competitive Advantage

If your competition isn’t using E-commerce personalisation, then the chances are that you will have an advantage over them. Personalisation allows your brand to differentiate itself from competitors. Customers might sometimes change their preferences at the drop of a hat. However, if you nourish them with a more personalised experience that they can’t find elsewhere, they are likely to stick around and even become brand advocates.

How to Personalise your E-commerce Business

  • Localised and Targeted content

Users would want to return to a site that delivers content relevant to their language, demographics, region, and interests. This includes blog posts, banner content, and even product descriptions.

  • Recommended Products

Suppose a customer buys from an online camera equipment store. In that case, the website can generate personalised recommendations that are relevant and related to a product the customer bought, like lenses, lights, and photo editing software.

  • Targeted Discounts

Your E-commerce Bulk SMS campaign can offer discounts on products the customer has previously purchased. Alternatively, you can create bundles of related products at a lower price than the customer would pay for purchasing each item individually.

Where Bulk SMS Fits in your Personalisation Strategy

E-commerce businesses must prioritise working with a solution provider that makes set-up and launch easy, but that can also scale with time to multiple other channels such as WhatsApp Business APIs, WhatsApp Chatbots, and Voice solutions, as they grow their business. Mtalkz offers a powerful cloud communications platform that enables online brands and enterprises deliver value-driven engagements and enrich customer experience. The popularity of smartphones and the established performance of text messages in terms of high open rate and fast delivery are facts that are the driving force for SMS marketing. So go ahead and craft your Mtalkz Bulk SMS plan using all the tips and best practices mentioned above. Test your plan, and then optimise as you go!