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Explore how an intelligent IVR system can empower your call centre agents to handle more calls efficiently and effectively, while increasing the satisfaction level of your customers.

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Helped us to boost our customer interactions dynamically. With Mtalkz’s IVR, our first time users will feel the comfort and assurance of a great service. Smooth flow and service. Mtalkz’s IVR system helped us to build better customer relationships. Also, our Call Center operators have resources at their fingertips. Easy to integrate and get started, we are glad to collaborate with Mtalkz. Good team and excellent solution.
Neeraj Gutgutia (Founder)

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Get the most out of your customer service process with our robust IVR system! Streamline communication with customers with our personalized journeys on the channel of their choice.

Top Reasons Why Companies Prefer Mtalkz


Business communication is highly reliant on reliability, and we are proud to provide the best-in-class uptimes of 99%. Our high uptimes are reflection of our commitment to create successful business communication and provide a most hassle-free and efficient experience possible

Dedicated Team

We have a team of dedicated professionals who monitor our services and systems 24/7, ensuring that our customers get the highest level of service. Our commitment to reliability and excellence is why our customers trust us for their business communication needs.

No-code Deployment

Setting up your IVR system can be done in no time, with no coding or deployment required. With our simple user interface, you can quickly and easily configure your IVR to suit your business needs. Our IVR solutions are designed to help you save time and money with minimal effort.

Mtalkz’s Smart IVR Solution
For Enterprises

Get the most out of your customer service process with our robust IVR system! Streamline communication with customers with our personalized journeys on the channel of their choice.

Create an IVR that meets the needs of your business. Custom IVR flows can be created with welcome scripts, professional messages, best old music, and action-driven number dialling. Our team ensures that the entire flow is in line with the goal of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Easy and flexible configuration of your IVR workflow is possible with Mtalkz IVR service. We offer high levels of flexibility when designing IVR flows, allowing you to record and play custom prompts, intelligent call diverting, queue up management, and establishing business hours. Everything can be accomplished with simple drag-and-drop options.


An Interactive Voice Response System or IVR helps businesses and service providers direct their customers to the correct department, reduce wait times and automate processes. An IVR system can also be used for other purposes, such as a quiz or contest that promotes your business and its services. An IVR helps you to ensure that your agents spend less time on monotonous tasks and more time doing what they love most – interacting with people who are eager to buy your services and products.

This is especially helpful for inbound call centres in banks and telecom service providers. Since the Callers reach an IVR by pressing numbers on your main call-in number, it’s important that the agent knows what each option means, and how he can help the customer. Use the configurable IVR set up that informs the agent about the IVR data corresponding to the DTMF input entered by the caller.

IVR helps you to streamline your processes while your agents are busy. It is possible to configure controls to play hold music or product updates during peak call times. This makes your agent comfortable and also ensures that all the calls are answered in less than 1 min. You can also ensure that your most valuable customers are transferred to the most skilled agents through configurable routing.

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