Introducing Truecaller: The New Powerhouse of Cloud Communications


Truecaller has been the primary go-to app for users who have wanted to identify callers and filter spam calls for quite some time now. However, with the advent of cloud communication services, it has also emerged as one of the most widely-used apps in this category. So what is it about Truecaller that makes it so popular? With over 500 million users and counting, Truecaller continues to be one of the top apps globally as well as in India. Although primarily used for identifying unknown callers, Truecaller has taken things a step further by integrating numerous cloud communication features within its app. Today, it is not just a caller ID app but also a Business Messaging solution ready to help enterprises to elevate trust and safety in their user engagement. 

This article explores what makes Truecaller special and what makes it unique from other apps and services.

Truecaller: A Brief History

Truecaller was founded in 2009 to initially solve the problem of mis-dialled phone numbers by identifying unknown callers. This information was then displayed along with the name of the caller on users’ phone screens. In India, Truecaller was launched in 2012 and has since seen massive growth. The app has also undergone several user interfaces (UI) and feature updates over the years. The last major UI change took place in early 2018 when Truecaller transformed from a single app to a suite of apps. This not only allowed users to choose the features they wanted to use but also helped the company to strengthen its brand.

SMS Client and Cloud-based Voice Calling 

With more and more businesses going digital, cloud-based communication services have become the new norm. The cloud offers a number of benefits to businesses that use it: easy scalability, remote access, multiple locations and much more. Even so, there are still challenges with using a cloud communications service. SMS marketing messages, for example, cannot be sent to DND list users. In addition, OTT apps are expensive for startups and emerging enterprises who cannot afford them as the first medium of choice, as well as without a fallback mechanism. 

Truecaller brings to you an array of thoughtful features and channel capabilities to enhance the way you communicate with your customers. Powered by the Mtalkz CPaaS solution, Truecaller offers you the most secure communication channel available in the world. Its intelligent features empower businesses to transform the way they communicate with their customers by overcoming the challenges of traditional CPaaS.

Truecaller is one of the first communication apps in the market that supports two-way SMS, allowing users to send and receive messages securely. The SMS client is available in the Truecaller app for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this cloud-based messaging service also allows businesses to send media files and carousels and even locations. 

Most Secure and Reliable platform for Businesses and Consumers

Truecaller provides a secure communication platform with end-to-end encryption with SDK. It does not require template whitelisting and allows messages to be up to 1024 characters long. A quick onboarding process sweeps away Verified businesses. The Verified Business badge is particularly beneficial to startups and companies that are brand-conscious and want to appropriately reflect the image of their company, in addition to enhancing trust.  

Since Truecaller’s filters are designed to block unwanted calls and texts from spammers, robocalls, and telemarketers, it’s most trusted by consumers. A consumer can easily know when a relevant business is trying to approach them. 

Features of Truecaller CPaaS Solution

Truecaller not only has a fantastic user interface but also offers plenty of remarkable features. For instance, businesses and brands can accurately target their campaigns using Truecaller and communicate with their target audience.


Security and privacy are two of Truecaller’s best qualities. Owing to its E2E message encryption and cryptographic techniques. It is also more secure than before since there are no intermediaries involved.


Truecaller’s corporate messaging ensures complete openness. Since it offers complete auditability. There is only one certified source of truth, with no disagreements or imitations. All of this helps in increasing transparency.


Business messaging from Truecaller is regarded as an intelligent marketing tool. It is a necessary business messaging platform due to its best-in-class data insights, AI-ML analytics, fast deployment, and speedier time to value.


The commercial messaging platform from Truecaller is a very adoptable service model. Its excellent scalability, availability, and redundancy make it so readily adopted.

Let Truecaller Work for your Business

With a wide range of functionality like phone numbers, hyperlinks, and delivery & read receipts, the rich user interface will provide both one-way and two-way communication capabilities. The solution also features an easy-to-use cloud architecture that guarantees simple scalability.

  • IMs can be sent and received by businesses 
  • Businesses can attach hyperlinks to phone numbers and URLs.
  • Link previewing without navigating to the linked website

Make a Statement with Mtalkz Truecaller Messaging

The power of Truecaller stems from its wide variety of communication services, which can be used to replace a number of apps. With unrivalled security and privacy, it eliminates the need for third-party APIs, enabling you to deliver trusted experiences to your customers every single time. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, Truecaller from Mtalkz could change the game and provide a competitive advantage to businesses looking to leverage the true power of mobile communications.

All of this makes Truecaller a comprehensive communications app that can replace a wide variety of apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and even the regular SMS app.



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