In the world of WhatsApp Business, where conversations and business meet, we’ve witnessed an incredible journey. Businesses are embracing this platform to connect with customers, and there’s a special symbol that holds a lot of power—the green tick verification.

Under the guidance of Meta, recognised providers of the WhatsApp API, such as Mtalkz, play a pivotal role in turning WhatsApp from a simple messaging app into a powerful tool for business communication.

In this blog, we’ll explore why this green tick is essential and guide you through how to get a green tick on WhatsApp Business. Discover how this WhatsApp-verified tick can build trust and make your brand stand out online.

What Is WhatsApp Green Tick?

The WhatsApp Green Tick is a symbol that appears in front of a profile used to verify the authenticity of a business account. It indicates that the account has been verified by WhatsApp as a legitimate business, providing their customers with confidence that they are interacting with a genuine and reputable business entity.

Importance Of Acquiring The WhatsApp Verified Tick: 

  • Increases Credibility

With so many businesses and fraudulent activities happening, customers find it difficult to trust, making them paranoid about contacting businesses they don’t know personally. Hence, with a verified tick, your business looks more credible. 

  • Enhances Brand Image

Only some businesses can attain a WhatsApp-verified tick. Hence, if your brand has a verified profile, it increases your brand image and showcases you as a well-reputed, established business.

How To Get A Green Tick On WhatsApp:

To obtain the WhatsApp-verified tick, you need to get in touch with a WhatsApp service provider such as Mtalkz. 

These are the four essential prerequisites to qualify for a green badge:

  1. Complete Business Verification through Meta Business Manager.
  2. Develop a WhatsApp API using Mtalkz.
  3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Obtain approval for your chosen display name.

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Here are the detailed steps that need to be initiated: 

  • Fulfill Meta’s Prerequisites

Start by completing business verification and enabling two-step verification. When adding a new phone number to your WhatsApp Business account in Meta Business Manager, ensure an approved display name is added.

  • Attain Access To The WhatsApp API

To access the WhatsApp Business Platform, contact a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) like Mtalkz. BSPs are proficient third-party providers with expertise in the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Connect with a known BSP or explore the Meta Partner Directory.

  • Request The WhatsApp Green Tick (Verified Badge)

#Tip: After gaining access to the WhatsApp Business Platform, engage with customers and use the platform before applying for the green tick. When everything is prepared, submit your request for the WhatsApp-verified tickthrough your BSP, furnishing all necessary information for WhatsApp’s approval. Your BSP will manage the application process on your behalf.

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Tips To Increase The Chances Of Getting Whatsapp Verified Tick:

Follow these 4 simple strategies to improve your chances of getting the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification:

  1. Set up an official website and email: Having these shows your business is professional and reliable.
  2. Run Click-to-WhatsApp ads: These ads tell both users and Meta that you’re an advanced WhatsApp user, increasing your chances for the green badge.
  3. Maintain a good rating for your WhatsApp number: More messages and positive feedback make it likelier to get verified.

With Mtalkz Get Your WhatsApp Verified Tick Today

As you’ve likely gathered, several elements impact the verification of your business. Hence, having a reliable support contact is crucial.

Mtalkz, a recognised partner of Meta and an authorised WhatsApp service provider, offers the opportunity to establish an account with us. As an advanced user, you’ll gain the guidance and assistance required to attain WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for your business.

Connect with us today and get your WhatsApp API to leverage the benefits of the green tick!