Over the last decade, the growing digital revolution and new-age technologies have significantly altered established business strategies. As an outcome, companies find it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves purely based on pricing or products in today’s constantly changing business environment. Instead, modern businesses must delve deeper and look for new ways to improve their customer experience and stay ahead of competitors. 

Today, nothing is more important for D2C brands than establishing and keeping excellent customer relationships. Brands must devote time and effort to comprehend buyers’ shifting requirements and desires to be successful. And the WhatsApp Business API is the solution to most hyper-personalisation challenges.

In today’s multi-channel world of email, voice calls, chats, and messages, customers prefer interacting with brands the same way they interact with their dear ones. Due to this, users increasingly turn to message apps to communicate with businesses. As an outcome, popular messaging programmes such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat and Viber are quickly becoming the preferred means of communication. WhatsApp marketing, for instance, has expanded dramatically over the years and is now the most popular messaging channel in the world, with billions of active users in 180 countries.

Empowering D2C with WhatsApp Notifications

WhatsApp Commerce and its exciting new interactive capabilities, which now include product catalogues and shopping carts, make the life of customers easier. Listed below are the features with which WhatsApp notifications empower D2C:

  • Enhanced Customer Contentment

Customers today just do not want to wait to raise concerns, ask questions, obtain product information, or make purchases. And they don’t have to when the organisations offer WhatsApp API assistance.

A WhatsApp chatbot improves customer engagement by putting control in the hands of the customer. It allows them to start — and pause — interactions and return at their leisure without losing the thread or context. It also saves time for the customer support personnel and the clients, especially when routine requests can be automated. In addition, customers can now use WhatsApp Business to demand information or escalate issues and communicate with real customer support professionals whenever they want or need to.

  • Boosting Reach and Conversations

The most effective marketing is only successful if the target audience sees it. So the aim is to reach and connect with the target audience and customers. By submitting their phone number and adding the organisation’s number to their contacts, the customer has already agreed to receive messages from the organisation. And if they’re willing to do this, they’re much more likely to read the communications. By developing a two-way communication channel, businesses may reach a larger audience. Here, brands are not just answering customer questions but also proactively empowering customers by assisting them in shopping, locating what they need, and completing the entire transaction on WhatsApp. 

  • Time Efficiency 

WhatsApp API is a real-time communication platform for businesses. People put off reading emails, but they always check new messages immediately, even on the road. In the first five minutes, 80% of WhatsApp messages are read. This allows businesses to send marketing messages over a much longer period. In addition, WhatsApp messages have an unbeatable open rate of 98% and a click rate of 45-60%.

Strengthen the Consumer Life-cycle with WhatsApp

Businesses currently use WhatsApp for pre-and post-purchase journeys. And now, with WhatsApp Commerce, they can power their customers’ whole buying journey. With reduced attention durations and customers seeking a flawless shopping experience, ensuring this consistency has become a requirement for organisations. D2C retailers can use Mtalkz’s WhatsApp commerce solution to assist customers in browsing, shopping, retargeting, cart abandonments reminders, and even payment in a single window. WhatsApp API provides an opportunity to acquire a huge competitive advantage — and the benefits are substantial. Companies are implementing chat capabilities to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Do you want to enhance your D2C business? Then, contact and implement Mtalkz’s WhatsApp Business API today. It can assist you in leveraging WhatsApp Business for your business.