SMS marketing is one of the most powerful tools that can help your business to grow, and there are a million reasons for adopting it for your business right now. It is one of the major ways in which companies like Swiggy, Zomato And Uber have grown their businesses to the high levels which they are in right now.All the big companies need bulk sms services

Bulk SMS allows you to connect with your customers in a personalized way in the shortest possible time. With smartphones and other mobile devices being ubiquitous now, it is most likely that your customer or the target customer checks his/her mobile device frequently. So the chance that they will notice the SMS that you sent to them quickly is very high.

The process of growing your business with SMS marketing is very simple. Say you have a great offer that you want to promote to your customers. All you have to do is to compose an interesting (preferably personalized) SMS, select the intended recipients and press the “Send Message” Button. The SMS Gateway provided by your SMS partner will receive the instruction and then deliver the messages to the customers quickly.

The customer will then receive the message and once she reads it, she will get information about the offer. In case she is interested, she can visit your website by clicking on the hyperlink in the message or visit your store to avail of the offer. In this way, your offer will get promoted and your sales will increase quickly.

There are very few strategies that are more direct than SMS Marketing to grow your business.

SMS marketing is a very powerful tool and it can be used by almost anybody, be it an online or offline business, professional, freelancer, educational institution, or any other entity which needs to grow its customer base.

So if you are not already doing SMS marketing for your company, then you should seriously consider it now. It should become an integral part of your overall marketing strategy you will definitely be amazed by the results that you will get.

How to get started with SMS marketing?

The most important step to get started with SMS marketing is to choose a reputed SMS partner for your business. This sounds simple, but many companies find it very difficult to differentiate a great SMS provider from an average one.

Needless to say, it is extremely critical that the SMS partner that you choose is highly reliable and gives you a high level of service (or even a service guarantee). This will be crucial in ensuring that your messages get delivered at the right time, to the right recipient in a flawless way. Unfortunately, there are many companies who primarily look only at the pricing aspect and choose the cheapest SMS provider instead of looking at the reliability and the service quality of the SMS partner first.

How to identify the best SMS partner?

Let us now discuss a little bit about how you can choose the best SMS partner for your business.

  • Connectivity: Your customers can be located anywhere around the world. Hence it is important that your SMS partner support the delivery of messages to any part of the world too. While evaluating the SMS partner, check for the number of telecom companies with whom the company has a direct connection with and whether all major national and international telecom companies are supported. If the list is short then it is most likely that your messages will not get delivered to a large number of customers who use the services of telecom companies with which your SMS partner has no connectivity.
  • Speed of delivery: The SMS partner should allow the delivery of thousands of SMSes per second. This is especially important if you have a large list of customers who you want to reach out to with your time limited offer or online deals. After all, you would not want the SMS channels to get clogged with a large number of messages resulting in the delay of the messages.
  • Instant activation: If you buy the bulk SMS package online then your SMS provider should allow the activation of the package instantly so that you can get started with sending SMS right away. If they take hours or days to activate the package then it will cause an unnecessary delay in your marketing activities to start. Such a delay in activation is not a sign that the SMS provider has the latest and robust technologies in place.
  • Friendly interface: A good SMS service provider will give you an easy to use web or software interface for sending the SMS. Always avoid providers who give an interface which is extremely difficult to manage since it will require a lot of time to get used to. Remember that the simpler the interface, the better it is for composing and sending out the messages quickly.
  • SMS API: The software behind the delivery of SMS is the SMS Gateway. With marketing becoming largely automated nowadays, it is most likely that you have already started using systems that automate the processes, or you might be using one in the near future. In view of this, it is very important that the SMS Gateway can be integrated with those systems seamlessly. The piece of software that allows the SMS Gateway to talk to these systems is the SMS API. Always choose an SMS partner with provides you with the SMS API either free or at a nominal cost.
  • Real-time reports: After sending the messages you would need to analyse critical data like how many messages got delivered, opened and even how many people clicked on any link that you might have placed in the SMS that you sent. The SMS provider should give you a reporting system through which you can check this data on your own.
  • 24×7 support: Even if we never want it, things do go haywire sometimes. So, always look for an SMS Partner which has a 24/7 support help desk which can help you out if things go wrong.

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