Basic SMS Guide

What is SMS?

SMS is a text messaging service for sending short messages to mobile phones. It uses standardized communication protocol to exchange short text messages on mobiles.

Companies have to send information about the products, services & take feedback.

The SMS concept was first developed in the Franco- German GSM Cooperation in 1986 by Friedhelm & Bernard. The first text message was sent years later on 3rd December 1992 from Neil Papworth, a former developer at Sema Groups.

Types of SMS:-

Transactional SMS These SMS are used to send alerts, reminders, booking confirmation & cancellation etc. Transactional SMS is further divided into 3 services i.e. Implicit & Explicit and OTP SMS.

Promotional SMS- Promotional SMS are used for marketing of products & services.

Features of SMS :
Some of the features of SMS are mentioned below:-

Word-wide reach– You can send SMS anywhere in the world. If you are in India & have customers in abroad, you can send your SMS.

Unicode You can send SMS in any regional language apart from English.

Personalize You can personalize your SMS to make your customer feel special. You can add customers name, send wishes to them.

Flexible SMS tool is flexible as you can send SMS 24×7, schedule your campaign.

Automatic It can be an auto API trigger.

Integrated Through API you can integrate your SMS service with CRM, e-commerce, ERP etc. This is an essential source to create an exchange between customer information and data, by connecting the various technologies.

Traceable When you trigger SMS you can get in- depth information about delivery, failed, open rate through clicks.

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