India is an amazing country when it comes to the spread of language and diversity. For long marketeers have been wondering how to promote the products with the end customer, especially when your sellers may not have English as a first language. Bulk SMS and LongCode solve this problem in a way like never before.

Now here is the situation, companies have been spending tons of money on outdoor advertising and other methods of reaching out to the customer, however they have some how overlooked till now the key influencer at the point of sale. That is your final retail counter and mind you he may be more comfortable with Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Haryanvi, among so many other languages spoken in India.

Solution is simple, incentivize the last mile seller and in his language. By the way a large population of such kind is not a smart phone user. Question is how to penetrate and reach in such a way that your incentives and schemes reach the last mile and not gobbled up earlier in the distribution chain.

Companies like Mtalkz are now offering simple and cost effective solutions that can be used for directly incentivising your last mile and to keep them engaged in their language. All you need to do is create a cohort of your distribution chain, this can be done regionally and you can push schemes and promotions directly to them in their language over phone. While SMS carries your message in the desired language the long code helps the customers pull deals of the day, account statements, results etc at will.

Result you have a fully engaged distribution chain with simple use of technology. Such is the vastness and simplicity of our motherland. We are complex but often can be serviced and made happy through simple solutions.